Microsoft Flight Coming This Spring Free

Dan writes - "Just announced today, Microsoft Studios premiered Microsoft Flight, the casual friendly version of their popular Flight Simulator games will be available as a free download this spring. Here’s the catch, you are limited to the island of hawaii although it’s been said to contain exciting missions, flying challenges and hidden aerocaches"

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Ulf2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

Casual flightsim... interesting.

The flight model probably stinks, considering that MS laid off their entire flightsim division a couple years back. Hence... "casual". A shame.

Can't complain about free though. Still, if its not a good sim, its probably not worth the disc space to DL it. MS made the greatest flightsim for the longest time.. its a shame they stopped. I wonder how making a free game brings in more profit than the sim games would have, though? DLC I guess?

Yi-Long2532d ago

... I think they'll be DLC-milking it and expect to make their money from that. So free to play, but when you want new areas to fly in, or new planes, you'll probably have to pay.

Kinda worried about the whole 'casual' thing. I would have loved a gorgeous FullHD flight-sim, and this is obviously aiming for another audience, but I guess we'll have to so what it will bring.

jriquelme_paraguay2532d ago

Month? i dont know when is "spring"

urwifeminder2532d ago

No need for me i have the gold edition of X stunning game ill still give this a go though just to see any difference.