PS Vita or 3DS?

There's definitely a buzz for the first time in ages involving portable systems. This buzz comes from the technologies and the possibilities involved with both the Sony Playstation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS.

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firefoxprime2530d ago

6 months ago, I would've agreed with you. But I'm enjoying the 5 year backlog of my new PS3!(May 2011)

I'll focus my cash on PS3 games on my 65in 3D Samsung, and'll soon buy my first 3DS game this year. Probably Kid Icarus. Its just more fun shelling out $40 and getting 2-4 PS3 games vs 1 3DS/Vita, know what I mean?

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AdvanceWarsSgt2530d ago

None of you are making any real compelling points, just throwing fanboy shots at each other as if they mean anything.

cpayne932530d ago

@Blaah and RoMee you're both idiots STFU.

darthv722530d ago

I have both the ds and psp and enjoy the variety of games on each. I enjoy gaming to much to settle on one or another.

Now there will be those who wont choose option 3 "both". So for that it comes down to one thing and one thing only. GAMES. How the games appeal to the individual dictates their choice.

I've been a long time mario/zelda/metroid fan and have recently become an uncharted/killzone/lbp fan so considering availability I would choose the 3ds over the vita for now.

Plus i like how i can just pop in one of my existing ds games to play on the 3ds (sans 3d of course). Perhaps sony will sort out their UMD-vita program and it wont cost an arm/leg to play some of my umd games on the vita.

Tech wise its no brainer the vita is the total package but when it comes to the games themselves it is all about what you have more fun playing. Fun is a subjective term because entertainment value is placed differently on different games and for different people.

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Majin-vegeta2531d ago

PSVita-When i want to lose myself in gameplay

3ds=When i feel like playing Mario or some other nintendo franchise.

Titanz2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Vita, on the other hand, is an HD portable console.

MRMagoo1232530d ago

You cant lose yourself in the 3ds when all you do is move a lil bit and the 3d effect is out gone till you move back again imo.

fear882530d ago

I cannot get into a game if 3D is causing me a migraine.

PopRocks3592530d ago

You mean the same 3D that you can adjust and even turn off at any given time?

MRMagoo1232529d ago


Then why not just buy a normal DS?

Shnazzyone2529d ago

@magoo... because it has the capability of pumping out HD quality graphics with or without 3d and it's considerably more functional and supported than a ds.

That's like saying, "oh I have to plug my ps3 into a standard definition set, I might as well be playing ps2."

MRMagoo1232529d ago

HD graphics on the 3ds lol the one i own must be a cheap knockoff then cos its far from HD looking when i play it with the 20 plus games i have.

Shnazzyone2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )


Maybe you just have a normal ds and don't know better. How do you have 20 3ds games already otherwise? I've bought every major release and i've bought about 10 games. held onto 5. Maybe you also have no taste in games and bought all the bad stuff too.

Of course your name is also magoo, perhaps your eyes don't work and you go on pretending you can see.

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Shnazzyone2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

Psvita - when it's in a bargain bin after failing for being over priced

3DS- when I actually want to play a library of games.

brettyd2529d ago

That was simply an idiotic comment.

Shnazzyone2529d ago


Hey my comment looks like pure genius compared to the sony fans on here still implying 3ds is just a regular ds with 3d.

Razongunz2529d ago

PS VITA when i want to play in HD and play the games available on psvita like uncharted, littlebigplanet and wipeout ++

3DS when i want to play in 3D and play the games available on 3DS like tales of the abyss, mario, zelda ++

GribbleGrunger2531d ago

why am i not surprised at his conclusion?

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disturbing_flame2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

i think 250$ is a good price for a device that is technologicaly advanced. All those articles with the price points are just aiming at a wrong target.

It's not the Vita vs 3DS when you talk about prices.

But more Vita vs Smartphones.
Why nobody is aiming at the prices of smartphones ? PS Vita is actually in comparison a nice acquisition for such technology. It's not too expensive.

I think all this price trends is biased, media don't look at this with the good angle. They should be more positive about it when you see how much it's fair.

I hope one day all those medias will make the same articles about smartphones that are too expensive, and guess what they won't because they actually think they buy their smartphone the good price.

This article is anyway like a lot of other articles, nothing new in it, just the same media trend about a new device that is actually a great piece of technology.

bergoo2530d ago

I think it's more like 3ds & vita VS. Smartphones.

smart phones pros:
•Small; can fit in your pocket no problem.
•Can make phone calls, sms
•Use as a mobile wifi spot.
•reduced price with contract ($199 iphone4 with 2yr contract)

Vita & 3ds pros:
•gaming that isn't possible on smartphones
•Price point

Thats all i can think of, anyone else chime in?

bergoo2530d ago

In some cases, smartphones do have full foldout key boards, and with some sony phones they actually have a button layout you would see on a console controller.

Guess i could have added that to....
•gaming that isn't possible on smartphones

_Aarix_2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

Well you cant run infinity blade or gta3 on the 3ds like you can on the iphone 4S. But when Vita comes out then thats a whole nother story. I never did understand why everyone hates buttons. I became confortable with them. You just hath to play them for more than 10 minutes. But theres always gamepads or the xperia play. All i know is I can only carry a phone and my insulin pump. A 3DS or a Vita isnt very pocket friendly.

Shnazzyone2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )


Again, Why are all you sony fans so horribly misinformed about the 3ds's specs? It's getting a remake of MGS3 snake eather that looks better then anything ever on ps2. It has a resident evil game coming that looks as good as resident evil 5. Mario kart 7 surpasses Mario Kart wii graphically. You need to know that the Wii is roughly twice as powerful than ps2. 3ds is more powerful than a wii and is outputting to a smaller screen enabling HD level gameplay and graphics. Start freaking educating yourselves so you stop looking so dumb when you want to put down the system.

Razongunz2529d ago

more gaming support?
in-game chat?

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ronin4life2530d ago

Tech alone has no bearing on supposed value of a games console. You need good games to play.
Please, to anyone wanting to support the vita or 3ds use tech as an example of future software only, and not as a value crutch. Games determine value, as the machines would be worthless without them regardless of power.

MattyF2531d ago

Big error in the conclusion of the article. 4GB = $19.99. Not $50.