Robin and Zelda Williams’s Reaction to the Smosh Zelda rap video

ZD: "Back in November of 2011, the folks over at Smosh released a Legend of Zelda parody rap video. The video has been a huge success and is one of the most viewed Legend of Zelda clips ever on YouTube having garnered over 25 million views. In a recent interview with Robin and Zelda Williams, the two watch the rap video and give their reaction. Turns out Zelda Williams is such a Zelda fan that she actually already saw the video before, while it was Robin’s first time. Go ahead and make the jump to see their reaction video. I’ve also included the original video by Smosh."

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roadkillers2481d ago

Only Robin Williams goofy ass would name his kid Zelda. She does present a good marketing campaign for Nintendo though.

telekineticmantis2481d ago

I don't get how they're popular. they do the same things we do in our living room everyday. They just take that BS seriously

JohnApocalypse2481d ago

You think they take it seriously?