Goofy Harrison Ford PlayStation Vita Commercial

Uh, this Harrison Ford Vita commercial can't be selling that many PlayStation Vitas in Japan.

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metsgaming2532d ago

SCEA needs to put him in a commercial for the US !

btw greg its not failing over there look at the stats compared to past releases and the week after sales and percentages.

AnotherProGamer2532d ago

did he say PSV failing? the 2nd week sales are always less then 1st week, just check any console sales.

cpayne932532d ago

Don't the japanese actually really like Ford?

kaveti66162532d ago

The Japanese were very fond of Star Wars when it was first screened there in '77. After the film ended, the Japanese audience was dead quiet, and George Lucas - who was attending the premiere there - was terrified by their lack of response. Later, he was informed by a colleague that in Japanese culture, the highest honor the audience can bestow upon a work they regard positively is to remain absolutely silent upon its conclusion.

And since Harrison Ford played the beloved swashbuckler Han Solo (Solo shot first, by the way), it is no surprise that he would be chosen to market the Vita in Japan.




Hicken2532d ago

Nope, no bias against Sony.

And they even had the gall to go after Harrison Ford! They must be asking for it.

2531d ago