Top Five - Games of 2011 (Round Two)

Pedantic Gamers: 2011 has sure been a great year for gaming. Quite possibly, one of the best (assuming, of course, 2012 doesn’t do better) in, not only, this generation, but gaming as a whole. The year has also been full of sequels and conclusions to series that have led up to many a discussion over quality of their series, from the second installment of Dragon Age, to the continuation (some would say over saturation) of our favourite red plumber on the 3DS and Wii.

So, we here at Pedantic Gamers are going to post our top five games of the year. I’m quite happy, since the lot of us have completely different lists, it seems.

And mine is the one that will, more than likely, piss people off. With that said, let’s go!

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No_Pantaloons2482d ago

DA2 as number 1 is a sad joke at best. Even with admitting that you hated it after the first playthrough and 180ing to place it first based on .... story.

The story was awful, but even assuming you dig extremely deep and savor what many think was not there, it doesn't excuse the many other deficiencies the game had, from restrictive skills and equipment to the shallow combat of beating off wave after wave of blood balloons. And no one can deny the lackluster variety of settings or reused maps, there's just no way that game can place anywhere near the top five.

Lord_Sloth2482d ago

Erm...I love Dynasty Warriors just as much as the next guy (probably more than whoever comes in next actually) but that list is sad. Sure, DW7 redeemed my faith in the franchise after 6 (though Empires rocked) but...Really?

I'll give you Gears as it does function well but...DA2!?

MK is fun but clunky but I'll let that slip by for amusing me...but DA2 is just a limping joke compared to the epic masterpiece that was Dragon Age Origins. DA2 was just a half assed attempt to strike gold! The dungeons are re-used, the combat is boring as hell, the story is haphazard, and the graphics are sub-par at best.