Mini-Skirt Or Not, No More Customers

Face it: Japanese Wii owners buy Wii Sports, Wii Fit and maybe Super Mario Galaxy. That's about it, really! So, when a third party company releases something that, well, isn't any of those three, what happens? Not much. That's No More Heroes executive producer and Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada and No More Heroes and Killer 7 creator Goichi Suda hoping to give out toilet paper and hoping to sign copies of NMH. Thing is, after twenty minutes of Suda and Wada standing in front of Akihabara's Sofmap, nobody bought the game. Keep in mind, that not only two well-known game creators were giving out toilet paper, but there was also a woman in a mini-skirt. Talk about a tough crowd!

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MK_Red4017d ago

Wow, this is sad and stupid but really, NMH is a hardcore gamer's game and Wii is a full casual console. When they made a violent and unique NMH for Wii, they should have expected this.
I personally can't wait for No More Heroes. Hope they learn their lesson and make their future ultra violent games for PS3 and 360.

Prismo_Fillusion4017d ago

I feel so bad for Wada and Suda.
They make this awesome game exclusively for the Wii, and no one buys it (at least in Japan at this point - but we all know what's gonna happen in the US).

Third party developers really should start making games for the other systems. I'm worried about the future of Nintendo. I'm still happy I own my Wii, and I look forward to some great games coming out on it in the future; but I'll be happier when I own my PS3 too.

MK_Red4017d ago

True. I really hope No More Heroes sells well enough in rest of the world.

As for Nintendo, it has always been like this and aside from DS, Nintendo systems always are best for N itself. I hope Wada and Suda bring NMH and other games to PS3 and 360.

Bubble Buddy4017d ago

Super Smash Bros Brawl is the only game that can convince me to buy a wii

BrianC62344017d ago

This is proof that serious game developers need to stay far from the Wii. Don't bother making a big game for it. You won't have good sales. The Wii is a gimmicky console. If your game doesn't use some odd controller and make the player jump around like an idiot don't bother making it for the Wii.

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TheMART4017d ago

That's pretty funny :P

But yeah besides Wii Sports, Zelda, Mario and Metroid Prime there isn't really something that sells like it should I guess. There isn't anything I would buy on the Wii for sure. And then even those games have to be the genre you like. mmmhhhhh

Can someone tell me one great racegame on the Wii?

Syko4017d ago

Excitetruck was a ridiculous amount of fun.

TheMART4017d ago

Super Mario Kart is no real racing

Excite Truck... If that's all that one can come up with.

I stand with my point. Mario, Zelda, Metroid Prime 3. That's about it.

R M Spender4017d ago

bet even metroid wont sell in japan when or if ever its released.

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green4017d ago

Its not just that.If you look at it new IPs are doing well in japan at all on both the wii and PS3?
This is really bad for them because eastern developers will start making new games for the western market,since its a case that westerners are beginning to get really interested in Japanese anima.As can be seen by the developer of NO MORE HEROES expressing his desire to create a 360 game to appeal to the western audience.

Ashira4017d ago

They should release as multi-platform... no need to make the Revolution miss out a great game.

solidt124017d ago

I had high hopes for this game but I don't think it will sell well on the Wii. They should of at least put it on the PS2 also because the graphics would of been abou the same and I know it would sell better on the PS2.

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