Mainstream Media Needs To Stop Acting Clueless Towards Technology

PushStartSelect : "This is the longest title I have ever written, but I couldn’t think of a nicer way of putting it. I love journalism; I have been doing it for years for video games and have always enjoyed putting my opinion on things. However one thing that has always, and I mean always, bugged me was when big name websites attempt to jump into our playground and act like total idiots. These guys time and time again prove that their journalism skills are, in the simplest of words, complete crap when it comes to video games or technology as a whole."

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lifesanrpg2532d ago

Great article. It's nice to see some of the smaller sites rise up against the "big boys".

metsgaming2532d ago

pushstartselect > IGN, Kotaku etc

blumatt2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

Yeah, pushstartselect is good. Another good site that I've frequented for years and listen to podcasts on now is www. Great site with awesome podcasts and tech videos. I can't stand IGN either. lol

And, yes, the media acts totally ignorant when it comes to tech, especially when it has "Sony" as its nameplate. The media just can't get enough of being biased against Sony. It's to the point of ridiculous.

Bubbles up to GribbleGrunger below me. -_-

GribbleGrunger2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

now this is a legitimate way of getting hits. there is no doubt that something is going on and there is no doubt that Sony seems to be baring the brunt of it. there has to be a reason but when arguing those reasons we are met by the now perfunctory, 'conspiracy theory' accusation.

we are accused of being fanboys when in actual fact it's those that seem to be blind or ignore the trend that are clearly the fanboys... they just don't want to see for some reason. whether it's jingoism, certain fanboys writing the articles, MS paying for these articles in some way or just plain Sony hate, it IS happening.

as a gamer i just play games and i think sometimes it's the 'just' that persuades people away from seeing the whole picture. it may be 'just' games to us but to certain companies it's worth billions of dollars, and that's one hell of an incentive to spend money. do people honestly think that a company that would spend a ridiculous amount of money on advertising Kinect would think twice about paying a fraction of that (be it laptops, free consoles, free games or support for sites) to further their foothold in an industry dominated by Nintendo and Sony? really?

call me a fanboy and you probably will, but i'm not. i could list many reason Sony got it wrong, but when arguing the points that are raised at the moment, it would be pointless because, just as the bias is ignored by real fanboys, the balance is ignored in order to be able to label people like me a fanboy. i'm a fan of Sony and nothing more.

this negativity and bias exist and any sane individual can see it.

redDevil872532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

I had to look up the word "jingoism" :s

Great comment btw, i bubbled you up.

Edit: Nice one man, thanks for the bubble.

GribbleGrunger2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

have a bubble back :)

edit: Nuke gets a bubble too

NukaCola2532d ago

I got say as a gamer, I play for so many reasons. Whether it be for fun, for socializing, for an escape, for the story, the visuals, the sound, for whatever. I look at gaming as a form of art and expression. From playing the wind in Flower to sitting behind a mech controlling 1.84 million buttons on Xbox's Steel Battalion, each game I play is for a unique experience. I don't support any company who treats the game industry as a big money making market. Yes I want companies to profit and be successful, but that is not why they started and that is not gaming exists. It's art that turned into a Hollywood joke this generation. I don't support Activision for this reason alone. I have a regret and disappointment in what MS has done since they entered this industry.

I feel like we as a generation are looked at, analyzed, and fed via million dollar advertisments and marketing scams, titles guru fat cats come up with using chartz and data graphs. I don't think 90% of the game industry even cares if games are art. If killing sells, it will be made. It's more important to make money than to produce something from the heart and soul.

God bless the indi scene, the small devs, the risk takers. God bless Miyamoto walking away from NoA's "You need to make what sells millions" additude. Where is the passion anymore?

And for the media...There was a time when gaming news wasn't speculation, hateful bias, bashing, DOOOM, and Michael Worthless Pachter. But this is the now. And although it's disgusting, we got to press on. I don't want to see gaming fail. I love it too much.

Also, PSS...article receieve's warm clap, and *bravo

smashcrashbash2532d ago

Very insightful. It seems that you are a Sony fanboy unless you give in to mob mentality and shout 'Sony sucks' every second without thinking about what you are saying or considering what you are griping and b***hing about.I know that Sony like most companies have done things wrong and screwed up but the constant jumping on everything they do is getting pathetic.

Look at the resent 'VITA is failing badly in Japan' trend that is going around. If you look back at the history of every PlayStation system this is exactly what happened. It sold very well the first week, then the second week it slumped. And yet people blatantly ignore this fact and instead start the 'doomed articles' with any form of research.

Also the fact that people jump on the 3G version of VITA selling less only to find out from some one that WIFI versions of all devices usually sell better the 3G versions. Yet people use this a negative against the VITA all the time. So my question is why is it that when something else does this it is considered 'same old, same old' but when Sony does it, people call in the marines?

I listened to people scream bloody murder because Sony wants you to pay for downloadable PSP, PS1 and PS2 games and shouting they should be for free. But you almost never hear people breaking down Nintendo's door for making you pay for decades old games for the N64, Gamecube, NES and SNES.Somehow that isn't the same thing.

AdvanceWarsSgt2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

LOL @ you stating that no one complains about Nintendo "rehashing" or "milking their games". I don't know how old you are, but that has been the same complaint thrown at Nintendo ever since the N64 days. And you being ignorant to that fact doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

And I actually agree with most of your post, but the point about Nintendo was so blatantly wrong I had to say something about it.

Optical_Matrix2532d ago

If I could give Push Start Select a bubble, make no mistake, I would. You do actually notice that the majority of hate articles, save for sensationalist gaming sites like IGN and Kotaku, are the ones that are not only the quickest to jump on Sony when things go slightly wrong, but any game or game hardware out there.

Majin-vegeta2532d ago

*All though it is a bit ironic that these news articles never break out against, and are normally in favor of, companies that rehash products yearly and hardly release anything groundbreaking.*

Is this a jab at cod??If so about time someone said it.

Seriously all this gen everyone been on Sony's back bashing them for everything even when it's something good that they do.

brish2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

"Mainstream Media Needs To Stop Acting Clueless Towards Technology"

They are not acting! Most mainstream media really is clueless about technology.

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