VGRT Gaming Podcast Episode 245: Hello 2012

This week is double-stuffed full of goodness, with over two hours of podcast, as Jonah, Paul and Jordan cover not only the news of the last week, but also recap 2011, talking about games that pleased and disappointed them.

Aside from the biggest news of 2011, the current news items the gang listed to include:

* Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony all pull support from SOPA - sort of
* Wii U launch price expected to be $399
* Guitar Hero may return in 2012
* Judge ruling deals Silicon Knights a serious blow in suit against Epic Games
* FlatOut 3 dev calls Modern Warfare 3 a "beta"
* Bioware defends The Old Republic subscription model, teases free-to-play for older IPs

The podcast also received a ton of new Reader Feedback, while the Question of the Week is "Which would you rather game on - a handheld console or a mobile device?"

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