10 PlayStation 3 Exclusives Xbox 360 Owners Desperately Want

From the feature exclusive (part 1 of 2):

"Ahhh, system exclusives…that one thing that leaves us wondering if we need just one console in our house. Let’s face it, there are some games you can’t play without an Xbox 360, just like there are some games you need a PlayStation 3 to really get into. Over the next couple of days, you’ll see a pair of specials that discuss the ten most wanted exclusives from each side. For today, we’ll knock out the ten PlayStation 3 exclusives that Xbox 360 owners want for their system; read the full list after the break."

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UltimaEnder2479d ago

I'll take the top 4 any-day, will never happen though =(

firefoxprime2479d ago

Stupid article. If the xbox guy wants the sony exclusive, he'll pick up a ps3.


versusALL2479d ago

yeah um its not that simple. Alot of people don't have money to just spend on a random console willy nilly. Like me who can barely afford a single game a month and a used one at that.

LOGICWINS2479d ago

^^If you don't want to spend money, then your in the wrong hobby.

Dante1122479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

MGS4 and Valkyria Chronicles (terribly underrated game) are pretty solid games for 360 owners as well.

Edit: WOW at the reports lol.

princejb1342479d ago

you stoled my thought
if you want those sony exclusives youll get a ps3

Play2Win2479d ago

@ versusALL: The magic word is called -> WORKING

darthv722479d ago

nobody ever said gaming was cheap. To some its a hobby to others its a lifestyle. Which one you choose has a different price to bare.

guitarded772479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

I own both, so I want for nothing... except, I would rather MS invest in exclusives of their own instead of dreaming of Sony licensed IPs coming to a MS console. Aside from Gears and Alan Wake, there aren't many reasons for me to support MS, which pisses me off. I want MS to develop their own action games, their own shooters, their own platformers, their own RPGs. If they could do this at a level equal to that of Sony I would be happy.

disturbing_flame2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

You act like if all the people were not fanboys.

Sadly a lot of users won't go to a device that have more to offer just because they hate that device for obscure reasons.

I've begun this gen with 360, it offered me a lot but by 2008 more and more games were out on PS3, since then my main platform became the PS3. I love my xbox 360 but if it had more games with years i would use it a lot more.

sikbeta2479d ago

lol and more of these s**** articles, x360 owners are not tied to the MS brand, if they wanted a game they would buy it with the console which is released, same goes for any game on any console or portable

darthv722479d ago

this makes the most sense. Its like 360 owners can be respectful when in the presence of a good game on a differing platform but unfortunately the sentiment does not flow the other direction.

Almost like ps3 owners will snub anything 360 related out of spite. People may not want to believe this but you can enjoy what each platform has to offer and not feel dirty about it.

I have seen many who were one sided and when they got the opportunity to play something not on their platform and liked it, they realized there wasnt anything wrong with liking it. Its a game for fun and entertainment purposes.

The ones that complain and put down what the other has really have no interest in that other platform what so ever. They do it because they feel they have to in defense of their platform of choice.

kreate2479d ago

I would re-buy some of these games on the 360 cuz i liked them so much and collecting the extra achievements would be easy since i know what im doing.

Dante1122479d ago

@ darth

Where did this acceptance happen because I couldn't sworn that almost all of the Ps3 exclusives to have come out from launch till now have been trashed by the 360 community on N4G. Heck even recently if you've been in the "Why Ps3 exclusives don't sell" article's comment section two days ago.

SilentNegotiator2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )


So then what do you call it when Xbox360Awesome444 (made up username) always says "Multiplats are usually better anyway" (to "justify" a certain system not having many exclusives (which are by all accounts, MORE games - justifying having less games...))?

Because I say that's the exact same thing in a more passive aggressive manner.

The victim card wears so thin, it's ridiculous. It's virtually become a culture with these fanboys. And it works. Look at how many bubbles so many of them have for it. So many once super fanatical one-bubble trolls from before the N4G change are now 6, 7 bubble powerhouses, despite getting a million disagrees will get a "well said" because they play the victim. The users have zero power with bubbles anymore.

Me? I get 10 agrees to the disagree most of the time. I comment mainly on the industry and specific titles. But I don't pretend to love all platforms equally. I don't pretend like everyone who does disagree with me is a "H4TERRR!!!" or fanboy. Not if they offer actual points. I'll get a "well said" on a really rare occasion, but never an additional bubble. And you know what? I'm not untypical here on n4g.

Don't pretend like any fanboy is better than another or that one is a bigger problem than the other on n4g. The passive aggressive culture of the one side isn't any better than the self-righteous of the other side.

nix2479d ago

i think they should completely skip ps3 this gen. i wonder how will they even have time to play all these games.

EVILDEAD3602478d ago

No matter how many times these articles are written the truth still remains, owners and fans of otherv onsoles arent sitting around 'desperately' in want of the other consoles' exclusives.

Because, just like everyone with a brain commented, each and everyone of those people who 'desperately' buy that other console and said exclusives as soon as they could.

I own everyone of these consoles and even when there were consoles I didn't own, I knew when I made the purchase there were titles I wanted to try..but 'desperation' is NOT the word I'd ever use.

But, as long-standing Xbox 360 gamer and prior to me purchasing a PS3, if there was ONE game that I always felt the PS3 had as an exclusive that made me itch to own (and this is even after playing a huge percentage of them), it would be Metal Gear Solid 4.

The truth is it is the PS3 install base that doesn't really flock to alot of those titles with desperation either. The 360 is in the same boat, with exclusives that it's install base won't flock to.

At the end of the day, no matter how many exclusives you create for a console, the install base is only going to choose a few that they support in a huge way.

What I DO like about these article is the fact that the fan bloggers take time to celebrate some great titles, regardless of the fact that the title is still fiction.


evilunklebud2478d ago

Agreed... this "360 owner" owns 5 of the 10 on that list.

Guess I'm just a gamer.....

BabyTownFrolics2478d ago

i owned a 360 first, I took one look at uncharted 2, I saved some money and got myself a ps3, and have enjoyed what both consoles have had to offer ever since.

this console fanboy crap is played out

antz11042478d ago

Wow, and I thought this article was fail before I saw that the author posted first......

As a 360 0wner who bought a PS3, I love both my consoles. Sure, I couldn't play Uncharted or LBP without my PS3, but I also couldn't play Gears or Alan Wake without my 360. It goes both ways and anyone thinking they're too good to get both is really deluding themselves: you're the one losing.

otherZinc2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )


Stupid & inaccurate article!

So, 360 people "Desperately" want 10 titles where 1, only ONE title sold 1 million in its first month: God of War 3! PS3 people dont want it so how is another group "desperate" for them?

Some of those titles sold like absolute crap! So, here is a site attempting to gain readers & hits.


Trebius2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Well this is a two-way street ... i definitely wouldnt mind having Too Human and Alan Wake on my ps3.


PS3 gamers dont play sales, so irrelevant :)

"ZZOMG that game only sold 2 millies...its not good!" - ultimate idiot gamer quote

WetN00dle692478d ago


I have both systems therefore i have no desire to play one consoles exclusives on the other.

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BlmThug2479d ago

If i 'desperately' wanted it I will pay the £170 for a PS3 slim and a little more for the game I 'desperately' wanted

kikizoo2479d ago Show
Kurt Russell2478d ago

You can be a gamer without a PS3 kikizoo. Calling out fanboys with that as your first sentence is a real "pot meet kettle" moment.

You help define irony.

StraightPath2479d ago

rubbish article for flamebait.

Bebedora2478d ago

Like - Only exclusive you need if you have a Xbox 360 is an extinguisher? (just pucking around)

Legion2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

The PS2 set is the only game that I would be interested in. But not desperate for it in the least. The only game I haven't tried on that list is Ratchet & Clank and the Sly collection. (gimme a friggin' break I am not 13yr old girl)

The other games are not to my liking... KZ3...??? Gimme another break. Not a single person I know is waiting desperately for a KZ title to come to the Xbox 360.

As for Drake... played it and it wasn't much more then a shiny update of a Lara Croft game. I enjoyed the old Indiana Jones game much more then Uncharted... it at least had a cool whip to use and a character that I could get into.

Can I understand how someone would enjoy each of these titles on their system? Yes, but I don't see them as being desperate titles for thought to be brought to the Xbox 360. Even the Ico/Shadow collection is perfectly ok for me to play each of the games on the PS2... why desperately want for them to be brought to the next generation system?

moparful992479d ago

Whatever you have to tell yourself to justify your obvious bias.. I'm a HUGE sony fan but there were games on the 360 that I was super jealous for.. Mass effect 2 and bioshock being the two main examples.. Why cant you stop operating under the fanboy mantle and appreciate the quality that the ps3 delivers?

Legion2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

I like your bias.... that you name two games that finally came to the PS3 to some how justify you're not being bias? ha

P_Bomb2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Uh, how exactly is the Sly Collection for 13 year old girls?

Fantasy is a big part of games. The industry was salvaged in the 80's by a plumber jumping on mushrooms 'n' turtles, an elf saving a princess from a big pig, eggplant wizards, an ape, a hedgehog, and a disembodied yellow face that ate pellets.

Prophet-Gamer2479d ago

By this point in time anybody serious about gaming should have a PS3. Otherwise you'd be missing out on the GOTY for 2008, 2009, 2010 and hell even some really great exclusives in 2011. Not to mention 2012 and beyond looks amazing. There's absolutely no reason not to own a PS3. And for people who say that no SONY game actually interests them, I'm sorry but you're either a blind fanboy or have terrible taste in games (especially with such variety found in PS3 exclusives).

TheXgamerLive2479d ago

10 no...9 no,....8 no....7 no...6 no....5 no....4 no....3 no....2 no....1 would be ok at best.

1 out of 10 for me.

Bebedora2478d ago

Well, it's YOUR opinion....(as sheldon sais when confronted in the math physics bowl)

Sugreev20012478d ago

@ Firefoxprime

Couldn't agree more.

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remanutd552479d ago

and to think a lot of ps3 users dont give some of these exclusives a try , Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time , Motorstorm Apocalypse are very underrated ps3 games , weird they dont list Heavy Rain or Metal Gear Solid 4 in the top 10 , almost all the games they listed are among my top 10 ps3 games of all time

darthv722479d ago

like you say there are 360 gamers who would love to play these games while ps3 gamers do not. Wonder if these companies pay attention to consumer feedback?

MGS4 I think still reigns as the #1 most wanted for 360 gamers. I gave up waiting long time ago and got a PS3 for it and have been pleased with it as well as others ever since.

SilentNegotiator2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time: - The fastest selling game in the franchise.

The first Motorstorm was a freaking pack-in. The second barely cracked a million (which is a tad sad when the first game got all that free exposure with being a pack-in). It's clear that it was never even all that popular to begin with. Why do you think it would do better on the 360?

The "Ps3 gamers don't buy games" thing is a joke. The ps3 attach rate is only zero point something less than the 360.

remanutd552478d ago

at silentnegotiator motorstorm Pacific rift reached a million copies sold in 6 weeks after released date , we dont know current sales because sony havent released them , we dont know Motorstorm Apocalypse current sales either but the game is been part of the platinum games for quite some time in europe and soon to be in NA

ASTAROTH2479d ago

I agrre with both of you. Its a shame that a 360 site give credit to all this great games when even PS3 fans came to this site complaining about the minimun change in their favorite franchise. Its article like these who made me think that "gamers" these days are just scarse... we have more complainers and whiners than gamers. Im glad I have all these games mentioned in these article. And yes 360 fans be sincere, you just want to try them.

TBM2479d ago

the only game from that list i didnt get yet was motorstorm apocalypse. ill probably get it sometime this month. but all the others i have played and loved. they have great variety which i really like, this is something i want from my 360 variety.

remanutd552479d ago

do yourself a favor and go get it ASAP , it was my ps3 goty 2011 , a very underrated game

LaurenKB1232479d ago

Just Uncharted using my 360 controller, that's all I want!

darthv722479d ago

I know you got them cause you want such a fine game on the 360 but at least you were honest about it.

I can say i honestly prefer the 360 controller to the ds3 but I just cant fathom playing some of these game on the 360 controller after having played them on the ds3. It wouldnt feel the same.

sikbeta2479d ago

He could talk about a mod to let you use the X360 joystick on the PS3 :P

darthv722479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

i generally stick to the included controllers and have only ever dabbled in using one for another system. That was using a ps2 controller on the dc.

I got disagrees for saying i like the 360 controller and now thanks to budgetgamer I see there is one like it for the ps3.

I will have to try one out and see how it feels.

edit: damn..its been discontinued. I can prob still get one on ebay or amazon. Found one on amazon but poor reviews. There are a couple others to choose from though.

Legion2479d ago

I have a controller mod that allows me to use keyboard and mouse or PS2 controller. Haven't needed to use it in awhile. I have it for my friends that say they like one control system over another. So I give them the option to use any controller they want. Have not had a single one go back to their original controller after playing with the Xbox 360 controller.

They also sale the same device for the Xbox 360 controller to be used on the PS3. But it has issues with the bumper button mappings going that direction. For some reason the PS3 controller doesn't want you to use the triggers for shooting on some titles and it doesn't play well using bumper buttons as your shooting trigger.

Nykamari2479d ago

Get a 3rd party controller. I have one, it's just like the 360 controller.

darthv722479d ago

i didnt know there was such an animal. I usually dont deviate from the controllers provided unless its a fighting stick but this is slick.

Nykamari2479d ago

Thanks Budget for the pic, Im on my iPod so couldn't post a pic.

Legion2479d ago

I've tried that one. The thumb buttons aren't very good though. They have a raised instead of concave thumb positioning. And the bumper buttons feel awkward compared to the original, not shaped and beveled out enough for the fingers to be sitting comfortably on them.

The dpad does actually work fairly well though... but I don't play fighter games so rarely use the direction pad for anything more then changing menu item type things.

NoobJobz2479d ago

That's possible. In fact, that's exactly how I played it. There is a xbox 360 controller adapter for PS3. It's pretty cheap.

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rabidpancakeburglar2479d ago

Wow those reports are pathetic. How is this spam? It's even written by a 360 website.

On topic, I don't think there are any 360 owners desperate to get motorstorm apocalypse.

lifesanrpg2479d ago

I don't think it's spam, but it should be considered "trolling".

If the tables were turned and it were a "10 Xbox 360 games PS3 owners desperately want" it would get reported even worse.

rabidpancakeburglar2479d ago

You're saying that planetxbox360 is trolling xbox users? That doesn't sound good for business.

Hicken2479d ago

I agree that "desperately" is going too far.

There are games on each system that owners of the other console should be interested in. The fanboyism comes in when you hear people say "There's nothing on Y system that interests me."

But that's neither here nor there.

I'd have put Killzone 2 on the list instead of KZ3, and I feel like Valkyria Chronicles should be included somewhere, as well.

MariaHelFutura2479d ago


Hideo Kojima "trolls" his fans all the time. Just sayin....

patrielm2479d ago

The reporting brigade is out in full force, I see. Anyway, exclusives like these are the reason I own multiple platforms. That way I don't miss out on anything I really want.