DmC Devil May Cry “Squarely Competing With Bayonetta” In Gameplay

Siliconera writes, "Xbox Live have conducted a brief interview with Alex Jones, Capcom USA’s producer on DmC Devil May Cry. Joining him is Tameem Antoniades​, creative director of developer, Ninja Theory, who are developing the game under Capcom Japan’s guidance."

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zeal0us2481d ago

For goodness sake change the name already DMC: Devil may cry is driving me crazy.

Lord_Sloth2481d ago

They wish to make sure everybody knows what it is...Or they keep forgetting themselves, which is very likely given the number of changes to what exactly this is, so they put a double note for it. Repetition equals memorization. XXXP

Megaman_nerd2481d ago

At 30 frames I don't think so.

ABizzel12481d ago

And that's the only fault I have with this game as of now. you can;t go from 30fps in DMC 4 down to 30fps in the newer game.

They need to pull a God of War 3 and have 60fps for combat, and 30fps for non action packed moments.

versusALL2481d ago

Ta-Ha, lol. Good Luck with that

OmegaSlayer2481d ago

LOL, if they compete with Bayonetta, they're going to lose big time.

TurretKiller2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

I would rather take Sarah Palins younger sister in the tight black suit then the the trampy looking emo who looks like a video game version of Robert Patterson from Twilight....

Bayonetta could go on to be an amazing franchise, to compare the new dmc with it is just disrespectful.

ovhaum2481d ago

Emo Dante you're a Mistery / You've come along with a destiny...flop

Hideki Kamiya must be crying right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.