72pins creative director discusses taking Call of Duty and Halo back to the 8-bit days

"NEStalgia" carts for the inner geek in all of us.

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webbsod2531d ago

hmm i got to point out 2 things
1 what 8bit systems are even around any more? none so making the game for 8bit is totally pointless, ok cool. so even mobile phones are out of the question as they have more then 8bits.
2nd modern warfare 3 is out on many other platforms such as DS.

so really hes talking about something pointless?

kevnb2531d ago

? do you even know what this is?

HappyGaming2530d ago

Halo Zero

If they make it they should call it Halo Minus One

wallis2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

1) Ever heard of emulators?

2) 8 bit games rocked, their music rocked harder though. No one knows how or why - it just is. Also an 8-bit game would use a 1/1000th of the HD space as CoD but still last longer in terms of play time. Huh... funny.

3) Modern warfare 3 is on a lot of platforms soooo? You know cancer is on a lot of "platforms" as well. Popularity does not equal quality and just because it's popular doesn't mean I'm going to pretend like it's worth a damn.

4) Call of Duty and the sad little cult that seem to think a four hour long explosion constitutes a story should...just... seriously DO ANYTHING ELSE, IT'LL BE MORE CONSTRUCTIVE.

5) Every member of the CoD brigade who feels the need to disagree this I just want you to know that I get a very warm feeling out of telling idiots that their opinions don't matter so please continue.

Snookies122531d ago

Ehh, Super Nintendo may be cool, but not Nintendo. As much as I loved some NES games, they just feel TOO old... If that makes sense lol.

kevnb2531d ago

its just an nes cart with game art inspired by current games...

Snookies122531d ago

Ah okay, well that's what I get for not reading the whole article. XD

rataranian2531d ago

There's a lot of people that still collect nes games. I'm one of them. It's very cool that they do this. Would be even better if they were actual 8bit remakes.

Shojin12530d ago

WOW! I wish it were this simple. Alllll those games on 1 system. Let there be LIGHTTT!!!

Lord_Sloth2530d ago

I still have my NES and about 20-30 titles for it. Among which is Crystalis which remains 1 of my all time favorite games in the world!