Top 5 Battlefield 3 Fan Art Crossover Edition: Star Wars, Mario and More

MP1st - "It’s been a while since we compiled some awesome Battlefield 3 fan art for you, but today the final piece of the crossover edition has arrived in Darth Vader."

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Majin-vegeta2531d ago

Battlefront 3 i would kill to have that game made that's the series that got me into online play.

Mister_V2531d ago

So with you there. Those Battlefront games were amazing!

a_squirrel2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

If only there were a Star Wars expansion for BF3...

It would be so awesome, and on top of that, the hero choice that was in Battlefront 2.

*takes an objective*
"Do you want to play as: Darth Vader?"

a_squirrel2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

The star wars one was a little underwhelming, so I made this from it.

Darth Vader source:

Hufandpuf2531d ago

Those are pretty amazing! I want swbf3 now.

pandehz2531d ago

Lol mario is hilarious