SWTOR: A Few Weeks Into The Game

GodisaGeek: "Let me level with you right now, I haven’t wanted a game this badly for a few years – since Pokemon Sapphire came out, in fact. When I began playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, I wasn’t disappointed. It has already exceeded a lot of my expectations, but if you’ve played Knights of the Old Republic and think that The Old Republic is anything like it, you’ll need to think again."

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Antholex2479d ago

I really want to be able to play this game, I'd love the chance to fully explore the Star Wars universe. Alas, my poor old Macbook can't run it.

QUNE2479d ago

I'm really enjoying the game. Not sure how long BW will keep me paying though. Depends on how/when they fix the issues (that all MMOs have at launch).

Panthers2479d ago

True but this game seems to have a lot fewer issues than most at launch. Im loving every second of leveling. I know people who reach max level seem to dislike it more, but my god. Why do people level so fast. Ive had the game since the pre-launch period and I am only lvl 23

h311rais3r2479d ago

This is the only mmo I ever got into. And I'm loving it. It doesn't feel like ur standard mmorpg. That's maybe why a lot of people like it. And I have yet to have 1 issue and im level 17 with 3 characters.