Hidden Commands Found In PSVita That Show Information Systems

A discovery has been made on how to find out the systems information on the PlayStation Vita. Here is the process on how to do it.

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fokker2478d ago

50 or so days left,.. I wish I had money to import,..
Damn I want this thingy.

Studio-YaMi2478d ago

dude don't remind me,crying every time i hear that it's more than a month away :'( !

LethalToxins2478d ago

Hmm, question about the Vita and the memory card crap. From what I gather the games come on memory cards or download online. If I get the physical copy of the game, do I still need to buy one of those crappy propriety memory cards? If so are there two memory card slots or what? /confused about this and don't feel like looking it up.

lashes2ashes2478d ago

The games are on carts like 3ds they just look like memory cards . And yes some games will not play without a memory card.

Studio-YaMi2478d ago

you can just buy the cheapest memory card (4gb) for $19.99,i mean you sure can afford it,and if you're going all physical copies,then you wont even need anything more than that 4gb memory card(for now at least!)

by the time you'll need to upgrade,the priced would have gone down and you could afford better memory cards

i for one,i'm aiming at the 32gb and i don't really care for the $100 tag,i can afford it <--- that's the key thing here,can you afford it ? if you can then go for it.

HakatoX2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

The prices aren't bad. Considering when the PSP launched it cost $30.00 for 256Mb. When put into perspective I don't get what all the hoopla is about... and not knowing the true transfer speeds yet, I cant exactly say they are "crappy" either.

ZombieAssassin2478d ago

Hell remember paying like $40 for 8mb Ps2 memory cards, makes that $20 for 4gb look good.