5 Ways Apple Has Secretly Ruined Gaming

Opinion blog from NowGamer that explores the negative effects of App Store, and how it might impact the wider industry if it remains unregulated and checked.

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fastrez2480d ago

Ignore the report. The article actually champions Apple and says App Store is a great thing, but warns that too much of a good thing can be bad.

The reporter is clearly an Apple fan boy.

skyward2480d ago

Greed, yes. Inferior ports - check. Love having bespoke touch screen games in my pocket though.

_Aarix_2476d ago

Inferior? All square enix games have improved texture and performance from their ds and psp counter part. Gta3 has touched up textures and chinatown wars looks alot better from the ds plus the touch screen is a bonus. I havent seen a lot of inferior ports except for maybe dead rising but thats because it was a console game.

jacen1002480d ago

apple and gaming , these two words just dont go together , apple and ripoff now these two sound much better together.

Dfooster2480d ago

The guy who wrote the article has a bit of a chip on his shoulder and needs to calm down. Yes the app store could be organized better but it's still great.

One thing that really bugs me though that he didn't mention was people giving a game 1 star because the game crashed on their device. This happens a lot and usually the problem gets patched quickly but then the game which might have been wonderful gets over looked if it averages below 4 stars.

And I don't agree every game has to be new and not a port. I'm having a blast playing GTA3 on iOS and I was more than happy to break the 69p rule and pay £2.99 for it. Truth is people don't want to risk more than 69p because there really is some rubbish on there and you could quite easily end up getting stung.

The way games are rated needs improvement and maybe a media score section would help us decide which games to get as I agree the public can't always be trusted. They are a whining set of cry babies by and large.

fastrez2480d ago

He says App Store is great.

AtomicGerbil2480d ago

Reviews from media outlets can't always be trusted either.

Sugreev20012480d ago

The article is totally the opposite of what you'd expect from the headline.In my opinion,this shouldn't have been improved...guess most people just approve an article by reading the title.

fastrez2480d ago

Wouldn't say it's totally the opposite man, it's pretty balanced - some good points, some bad points. It's not that bad.

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