PC Hardware Release Schedule 2012 - Video Cards, CPUs, and SSDs

Gamers Nexus: "The hardware release schedule for CPUs, video cards, chipsets, and other important gaming equipment isn't firm yet, but this article collates all the data we have accumulated over the past months to combine a 'hardware release timeline' for 2012."

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xtremexx2532d ago

Looking forward to the graphics cards, my cpu is ok, as for ssd's when they are cheaper or i become a millionaire, i will go for them.

Lelldorianx2532d ago

Luckily this new SSD technology will decrease the price of them by about 30%, so we may be getting to the point where they're affordable after all!

ATi_Elite2530d ago

Hoping SSD prices will go down cause with the huge amount of AAA PC titles in 2012 my Corsair is gonna get full very quickly!

My Core i5 2500K and GTX 560ti Sli is good so I'll wait till Nvidia drops the GTX600 before i upgrade which will give me time to save up for three 1080p 40" TV's to game on which is my next project.

xtremexx2529d ago

WOW, you must have money!

NYC_Gamer2532d ago

i might go green again if amd drivers aren't improved

Velox2532d ago

Blah, they all suck equally for drivers

Lelldorianx2532d ago

I've used both nvidia and AMD cards over the last year and have had similar disappointment for both, so don't expect it to solve your problems (unfortunately). I do have to say that nvidia puts out a ton of beta drivers, so they do have slightly more options if something doesn't work.

Dude4202532d ago

Yeah, I don't know if it's the fault of either nVidia or DICE, but it's a known problem that BF3 will crash within 2 - 10 minutes of gameplay with a GTX 560.

Some people said that they flashed their video card to update the bios and it fixed the prob. However, I'm not experienced enough to attempt that as I could potentially brick my card. I hope either a patch or new drivers will fix this.

ATi_Elite2529d ago

Why do so many people complain about drivers?

I have AMD and Nvidia cards and have NO problems with drivers BUT then again I keep my REGISTRY super clean.

unless it's the dreaded Nvidia 196.75 drivers that set cards on fire......i'm gonna say it's more of an issue with Gamers not maintaining a proper registry versus the smart people that work for AMD and Nvidia!

Velox2532d ago

Screw SSDs, I use floppies :P

Lelldorianx2532d ago

Hipster gamer: used solid-state floppies before solid-state drives were even 'a thing.'

xtremexx2532d ago

Only Real PC Gamers Will Play Games On A Floppy Disc

Tribar422532d ago

Battlefield 3: now on 10935 floppy discs

Sander_Noordijk2532d ago

SSD's are awesome but a still too expensive in my view

dirthurts2532d ago

A small SSD for the OS and your primary applications is worth it.
Getting a size large enough to game off of...not so much.

Lelldorianx2532d ago

Triple-level-cell NAND SSDs will reduce the cost by about 1/3 of the current rates, so we'll start seeing SSDs at cheaper cost-per-gig than HDDs given the current market disaster.

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