PS Vita First Edition Bundle holds top pre-order sales

Sony Corp.’s Playstation Vita First Edition Bundle ranked in the top 10 pre-order products at Best Buy Co. Inc.’s online division due to strong advanced demand.

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fear882532d ago


But seriously I am glad to see that. Now how about we let the vita get to the market before killing it with poorly written articles, journos?

yna2532d ago

lol at all those articles saying the VITA "bombed"

I will pre-order mine next week :D

fluffydelusions2532d ago

I will probably hold out till the beginning of February to preorder. I'm sure several stores will compete with unique preorder bonuses...

Studio-YaMi2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

lucky me,i pre-ordered it from amazon with 6 games (uncharted,littlebigplanet,mar velvscapcom3,shinobidu2,hot shot golf,little deviants) and if better offers surface,i can just cancel my pre-order,don't think am going to though but who knows.

happy new year & happy gaming

MasterCornholio2532d ago

Hmm im getting the WiFi version of the Vita and for the same price as the first edition bundle I can get a 16GB memory card, case and a screen-protector.

sloth33952532d ago

but your not getting the game with it

TooTall192532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

The game is little deviants. I would take 16GB over 4GB + that game.

MasterCornholio2532d ago

I don't need to get a game with it if i can buy them all digitally. Its much cheaper buying a digital copy than a retail one.

moparful992532d ago

I'm sorry but that first edition bundle is much better if you ask me.. Not only do I get it a week early which is a big plus, it comes with little deviants(I was going to get it anyway,) a 4 gig memory card, hard case, and screen protector.. If you add up all of the bonuses that you get its way more then $50 so I'm coming out ahead...

disturbing_flame2532d ago

Vita had also strong preorders in Japan. It's not the first week that is important but the first 20 weeks.

I'll buy mine next month. But i'm not confident in the western market, i hope this time people will buy the device to have more release on it than PSP.

Godchild10202532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

I have mine reserved and I will have mine the week before the first edition's release date. I don't care for digital downloads or DLC, so having the 4GB memory card is not as bad as it sounds. Sadly I will use play little deviants for a little bit since it is download for those that get the FEB.