Top 10 Games To Watch For In 2012 [DeltaGamer]

DeltaGamer take a look at some of the games that may not be on your radar for 2012 yet, but should be.

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rabidpancakeburglar2532d ago

IMO Lollipop Chainsaw just looks stupid.

Lelldorianx2532d ago

The name doesn't help, either.

showtimefolks2532d ago

for me personally.

1. jak hd collection this is my most wanted game/collection of 2012

rest in whatever order

witcher 2 xbox360
twisted metal
sly 4
last of us
last guardian
borderlands 2(my most wanted sequel of this gen)
gta 5 yes it will come out in fall 2012

darkness 2
darksiders 2
metro last light
max payne 3
mlb the show
mass effect 3
shahid afridi cricket
DMC 4 only if capcom do a job job with hd collection

damn man so many games again to buy in 2012 and some are calling it a slow year when we know so little yet so much has been announced