Star Wars: Old Republic race issues explained

Users wondering about the lack of exotic Star Wars species being made available as playable races in Star Wars: The Old Republic now have an answer from the MMO's writer Alex Freed.

Freed told that the reason behind the largely human-looking set of playable races comes down to relatability.

"You know, the reason for our humanoid range of species, it's a matter of relatability to a large degree. The further you get from human the more difficult it is for players to get into their mindset, the more difficult it is for all the other characters in the game to relate to them the same way."

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maniacmayhem2483d ago

What Alex Freed meant to say is:

"we need to save some for the multiple expansion packs we'll be releasing in the years to come."

JsonHenry2483d ago

"We didn't want to make it so that the armor skins had to be reworked, nor the character animations, so we went all humanoid to make it easier on ourselves. Besides- other the than flying mounts we have to have SOMETHING new to release in an expansion down the road." - Bioware

Hahahaha ,seriously though, I love this game. Can't wait to get home and play it.

Mutley4162483d ago

yah...had to trim some time tables...cause the Jawwa is the new Gnome...i would roll a badass Jawwa or a Yoda critter.

expansions...MMO`s are always a work in progress.

Perjoss2483d ago

some never make it out of alpha / beta.

LethalToxins2483d ago

How is the PVP in this? From what I've read it's still really laggy and not very good at the moment.

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