Super Secret PS3 Launch Title In OPM November Issue

OPM will reveal a new PS3 launch title in its November issue... and they've left you some clues as to what it might be ...

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Bill Nye5856d ago

ZOMG!!! What could it be?!?!

kingboy5856d ago

Gentlement get your request ready! 1 ..2..3 go....

HyperBear5856d ago

hmmmhmmm, i think its Resistance vs. Halo: Slaughter House. You take the best of bungie's Halo characters, and you take the best of Resistances characters, and they go against each other for complete takeover of earth. and the subject line could be "The Grandprize - EARTH". LOL, but that actually would be an interesting game tho. Maybe thats Bungie's Secret X06 new game. Taking maybe Halo and adding a new race that wants total controller of earth, and then the covenant and Humans (or Master Chief) have to save it from being attacked. That would be cool, Laugh Out Loud"

amrasmord5856d ago

i think its going to be the naughty dog game. i'm 75% sure its that. what else could it be?

HyperBear5856d ago

what we are all trying to figure out. Hopefully a FPS game, cause I love them ,cant get enough of them, and im already getting COD3, Warhawk, Resistance, of course, and any other shooters out now, so it might as well be a shooting game. PS over the years hasnt had as many FPS as the Xbox has and its only been a brand of gaming for about 6yrs now.

kmis875855d ago

I second your thought. I read that it was described as a "big, big, biiigggg game." Then I remembered that the Naughty Dog game was codenamed Big. Hopefully that was a real clue and not just a red herring. Naughty Dog and Insomniac pretty much kick ass.

Boink5856d ago

It's called PS3 EUROPE: The Impossible Launch

It's a game of trying to get everyone hyped up and believing your press releases, and then seeing how dissapointed you can get them to look when you tell them you were lying.


-I'm just having fun...pls relax fanboys, even you have to admit that the less than stellar availability at launch is dissapointing:)

HyperBear5856d ago

That was hillarious, although not to diss PS3, cause of course i am getting one. But I could just see it now, Sony Publishing that game, and everyone in Europe buys it when it launches there, and the point of the game is to see how quickly you can sell a product and then make soo much bad news, that your rep as a gaming professional is down the crapper. LOL, but naww, I like the PS3 and cant wait for it to come out.

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