TheSixthAxis Game of the Year 2011: PC Exclusives

In the first of their platform exclusive awards, the staff of TheSixthAxis look at what ruled the roost in the world of PC Gaming.

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Rage_S902531d ago

Man those PC exclusive don't look all that great to me except The Witcher 2 which is coming to the xbox, it's kind of sad that the pc lacks AAA exclusives.

dark-hollow2531d ago

"don't look"

so you judge them by "looking" only?
some great pc gaames doesnt have to be overrated, multi-biliion marketed popular game to be considered "AAA" title.

ATi_Elite2531d ago

If i said..... "it's kind of sad that the PS3/360 lack AAA exclusives".

I would have 1000 disagrees and no bubbles!

But for some reason (only on igNorant 4 G) it's OK to have NO clue about PC Gaming but talk like you know everything about PC Gaming even though your PC barely runs the Internet and you've never seen Crysis on Ultra across 3 screens or you have no clue what Genre DotA 2 is.

The PC has many AAA Exclusives. Does the PC have Uncharted or Halo Reach? No cause those games are for consolers and console systems.

Do the PS3/360 have STALKER, Red Orchestra 2, Dragon Nest, Black Prophecy, Shogun 2 Total War, Eve Online? No cause these games are for PC Gamers and the PC.

PC Gamers and Consolers are two different types of gamers who for the most part play different games. Sure we all love Skyrim and BF3 but trust me Skyrim and BF3 PC are not the same as the console versions. Mods and 128 player servers have changed those games significantly.

Consolers love their high profile highly advertised games while PC Gamers love MMO's and RTS that gain popularity by word of mouth. And all MMO's are not like WoW. Many have just as much action or more than Uncharted. Many are bigger FPS than Halo. MMO's are everything all rolled up into one package that allow you to play with 100's, 1000's, or all by yourself.

Action, Adventure, Sports, FPS, 3PS, RTS, Action RTS, Simulation, Racing, open world Puzzle, Physics based, RPG, FPS/RPG, Action RPG, 3P Action RTS, RTS/RPG etc. the PC has it all.

With exception of a few PS3 Exclusives what game or genre of game is the PC lacking? NONE! People always say the PC has no games or AAA games or AAA exclusives but I can list 20 AAA PC titles that neither console has.

so from a PC Gamers point of's sad that the consoles do not have high quality AAA+ Exclusives like Anno 2070, Guild Wars 2, Diablo III, Starcraft 2, Arma III, Star Wars The Old Republic, Vindictus, Aion, Planetside 2, TERA Online, DotA 2, Rift, Blacklight Retribution, Sevencore, etc..

ATi_Elite2531d ago

Mine would be The Witcher 2 but any of the four make great GOTY!

Star Wars The Old Republic, World of Tanks, and Magicka also could be GOTY for the PC!