Preliminary Japanese Software Sales for Week Ending Dec 9, 2007

VGChartz reports the preliminary Japanese software sales for this week:

"This week, no single Japanese title dominated the charts, although the entire market remains at elevated sales as the seasonal increases toward peak weeks continue. There were few big debuts this week, although Lost Odyssey was released for Xbox 360, while Tales of Innocence had a solid debut for DS. In the coming weeks, the big and somewhat releases will pick up with Gran Turismo, Nights, Chocobo's Dungeon and others by the end of the calendar year."

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EZCheez6016d ago

The PS3 might as well be a side project for Sony. Hate all you want on the PS3, but you have to give props to the PS2. 5 titles in the top 20 with the only other system having more being the DS. That's pretty solid for seven years.

No wonder Sony isn't worried about the PS3. If you ask me they probably make up a lot if not all of the losses on the PS3 with the PS2 and PSP.

Danja6016d ago (Edited 6016d ago )

it was the same scenario when the PS2 launchd the PS1 outsold it for awhile until all the great games started flowing..next year is when the PS3 will start to flex it's muscles.!!

I still buy a few PS2 games even though I have a PS3....there's still a few games that I missed back then so now that there so cheap I can get a few at a time....but next year PS2 gets no love from me...!!

Bladestar6016d ago

lol.. yeah.. yeah.. the PS2 had the same issues... so you expect the PS3 to pull it off too... hehe... what you don't know is... This time around they actually have some real competition.. and a company with lots of cash and an already stablished business model that will not go away ala Sega... Things are very different than they were during PS2... heck... Sony only had to focus on the PS2 and Sega ran out of money... this time.. Sony is bleeding enough money with blu-ray to put as much effort as they did with the PS2..

mesh16016d ago

japan is not anext gen market end off when ds /ps2 is selling a lot i dont consider japan a next gen market.

Danja6016d ago (Edited 6016d ago )

really now so isn't the PS2/DS selling well in every major market


ohhh because the 360 is getting it's ass kicked in Japan it's not next gen market..?

so I guess EU won't be a next gen market next year when the PS3 install base passes that of the 360..?

mesh16016d ago

danja i dont even have to anser ur delusions 360 is no 1 sellign console in the uk/u.s deny all u want i wont respond to a brean dead zombie like u

Filanime036016d ago

Mesh first thing first learn how to spell and go back to school. And if u call japan not next gen then don't buy any of their games. So FFXIII, DMC3, Dead Rising, Ace combat, MArio Galaxy, Zelda Twilight princess is not next gen to u also? Even though japanese taste are different most of the great games are still coming out in japan.

Danja6016d ago (Edited 6016d ago )

dude..no.1 console in the US/UK..I think The Wii might have something to say about that...maybe if this was a year ago ur logic would be correct

and the 360 is the lowest selling Next Gen console in EU the UK is apart of EUROPE OK...ohh yeah the 360 has been out longer in the UK also..

The Wii is also the no.1 selling console in NA...

you seem to be the one living in denial !!

dhammalama6016d ago

Whoa! Your brean died? I'm sorry to hear that.

sonarus6016d ago

lol so cus the japanese wnt buy 360's they arent a next gen market. I applaud the 360 microft really came out with a well designed console not perfect but there are things on the 360 i really like over the ps3. the user interface or the blades or whatever are so much better than the xmb cus it offers so much more also the marketplace is by far more advanced than the ps store. On the ps side the only thing that really stands out to me is the free online. overall i prefer sony games or sony upcoming games though and home looks promising enough to give sony some much needed online features. there are some games on sony side that simply cnt be touched by msoft most notably gt5 and mgs4. 360 still has no mgs equal splinter cell seems to be throwin convention out the window and opting for a more assassins creed type of game.

Lucreto6016d ago

Yes the 360 is selling well in the UK but it if the rest of Europe buy PS3 like thay are doing it will outsell 360 as a whole. There are strength in numbers.

I do admire the marketing for 360. But it don't interest me. I hate online play and none of the games interest me

TANOD6016d ago

after the price cut i think ps3 now has an advantage.

in terms of global sales ps3 === x360 for the past 4/5 weeks son x360's slight advantage in NA doesnt count.

in UK ps3==x360

in NA wii> x360> ps3.

x360 is not the no1 selling console anywhere in the world. It is no2 in NA but no3 in reality in UK as well. wait for GFK figures before commenting on UK sales

PS3 is now doing better than x360 in UK



SabreMan6016d ago

did i read your comment right Japan isn't a next gen market because the DS/ps2 still sell well ????

possibly the stupidest comment i have ever read on this forum, those two you mention are still selling well the world over

you work it out

DRUDOG6015d ago

WTF is a brean?!?

BTW doesn't nearly everyone agree that vgchartz isn't very accurate? No need to get all worked up over their numbers since they're usually wrong.

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amilimos6016d ago

There have been ... what? 4 comments so far on this topic but its already at 120 degrees? How is that possible? anyway ...

Prismo_Fillusion6016d ago

Because it's not worth commenting on a VGCharts thread.



Filanime036016d ago

hmm Wii fit is selling quite well and Lost oddysey seems to have an average 1st week sales in which 50 to 60k at least 10% of 360 owners in japan bought it. Lost oddysey is not quite I imagine to be a system seller in japan. A big dissapointment it will likely reach enternal sonata sale figures in japan. Lost oddysey will probably sell good here in the US and euro. GT 5 prologue will be out next week it will be very interesting to check if GT 5 prologue would sell a lot of units and move ps3 systems.

chrno66016d ago

Most 360 owners don't like jrpg so I doubt LO will sell well in NA, just like how Blue dragon does not do that well there.


Face it, the Xbox360 sales are far from a flop and we are just waiting for m-create's final numbers!!!!!

For the Xbox360, that is really good for in Japan.

The attach ratio is much higher, 4.2 nowadays!!!

For a newcomer the Xbox360 has gotten further than basically anybody....and japanese are having lots of fun with it!!


See the many people enjoying themselves at Halo tournaments & so on, Xbox360 is picking up a cultural phenomenon in Japan....

Since this is a marathon, that won't translate to overnight success. But they already went past the original Xbox by miles, (which did flop) and are fully entering a new arena with the Xbox360!!

I am sure the software will sell very well indeed given the 360's amazingly high attach ratio.

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