Nintendo working on 3DS Lite

It seems as though Nintendo is in the process of creating a "follow-up" of sorts to the 3DS based on information reported by Japanese publication Nikkei, which has been known for its accuracy.

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Stuart57562478d ago

2 analog sticks built in?

lorianguy2478d ago

It will. If not Nintendo may as well give up on the handheld console market

crxss2478d ago

@dark-hollow it probably will have 2 analog sticks, seeing how they already make an official accessory for it.

i'm also hoping they include a better processor and RAM (like DSi and DS XL/LL did) if they want me to buy one. i bought the original 3DS, then immediately sold it after beating Zelda.

Baka-akaB2478d ago

nah wont have it i bet . The 3ds is becoming a huge success without it , and hardly every of its owners getting the second nub .

Too early to split customer base

ronin4life2478d ago

The accessory was co developed by capcom, and isn't mandatory for any games.
The rumor posted here says nothing of a second stick or when this new system will be released, which past nikkei rumors usually have for this sort of thing. This makes me think that a revision is far off, and in the planning phase. (Which is what I thought before this rumor came out.) If the slide pad accessory becomes more widespread and accepted, then the revision may include it.
Because they are the ones with a current problem?

ThirstyforFanta2478d ago

@lorianguy, yeah LOL give up on it when they just sold 4 million 3DS and the sales are better than the Wii's

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ThePsychoGamer2478d ago

I doubt it, it would really alienate the 10 million people who already bought a 3DS.

fatstarr2478d ago

too soon too soon, they should save it for 2013

--Onilink--2478d ago

what most people dont see, is that the 3DS Slide Pad doesnt just add a 2nd analog stick, but also L2 and R2 buttons, so the 3DS lite would need to have those built in as well, which could be pretty weird. That or make the lite with just the 2nd stick and release ANOTHER adapter for the L2, R2

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Ron_Danger2478d ago

And then they'll come out with the 3DSi... And then 5 months later another model... They come out with new versions of their handhelds faster than Apple comes out with iPhones...

dark-hollow2478d ago

original ds
ds lite
dsi xl

psp 1000
psp 2000
psp 3000
psp go
psp e1000

Horny2478d ago

The PSP wasnt really revised and marketed as another unit like Nintendo did with the ds. That's like saying each 360 and ps3 chip change is a New system as well.

Ds had 4. PSP it was just the regular and the go. The 360 and ps3 had the original and the slim models. The Wii was the only system that had no revision.

Bundi2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Oh really?
Also, the psp e1000 can definately be called a different unit as it has features removed from it. I'd say psp 1000, psp lite and slim(2000 and 3000), psp Go and psp e1000

LNDCalling2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

I don't think they are comparable in that way or indeed marketed that way!.

For me at least the only iterations of PSP that count and were marketed specifically were:- Fat, Slim and Go!! and maybe the brand new 'Vanilla' non-wifi version!

And you should have had 3DS on your 'DS' list too seeing as a lot of people I know don't even utilise the somewhat limited 3D aspect.. and its basically a DS is it not even in looks baring no folding pads and scratched screens!..

Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS Lite (redesign)
Nintendo DSi (redesign)
Nintendo DSi XL (redesign)
Nintendo 3DS

PSP Slim
PSP CheapEo (non wi-fi)

@Bundi Did the DS not have verying SKU 'versions' also?? not that there were many features to take away in the first place!!

AdvanceWarsSgt2478d ago

So the revisions only count if Nintendo does it, not when Sony does......

Double standards ftl

klecser2478d ago

@LND: Still not sure how people still consider the 3DS a DS when it has vastly improved processor power. In your eyes does a console count as "new" only if it doesn't look like any of its predecessors? Saying that the 3DS is "basically" a DS is like saying that the XBOX 360 is basically an Xbox because they both were a console box with a Microsoft-style controller and that it doesn't matter that the Xbox 360 is vastly more powerful.

ThirstyforFanta2478d ago

@LNDCalling are you serious?
You consider the 3DS another DS just cause "people don't use the 3D" ? LOL
It's a new console with games just for it, with better graphics, larger screen and stronger processor..
So say that the PSVita is basically another PSP just cause people "don't like the new graphics"
LOL.. Retard

LNDCalling2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

@klecser If the 360 released looking like the XBox and not done much different then that's exactly what I would have said, more Playstation to PSOne / Playstation 2 to Playstation 2 - Slimline / PlayStation 3 to Playstation 3 Slim Or 360 to 360 S, than a new generation!..

N(DS), (DS)lite, (DS)i, (DS)iXL, 3(DS)... imo are all one gen of handhelds and all in fairly quick succession ..

I mean the (DS)i had a faster CPU and more RAM than the DS but it was still very sameee, even you must see that?..

In my eyes a 'new' console, as opposed to a model 'variation', has to be doing a lot of different things.. Looking the same but doing 3D just doesn't cut it for me... else you could say the PS3 or 360 (post 3D updates) were a 'new' consoles.. you could even say the PS3 (and perhaps 360) even had more 'available' memory than the original(s)!..

@ThirstyforFanta The DSi had a faster processor and more memory.. is that then a 'new' console?.. the PS3 & 360 with 3D update both had extended features + more available memory and better graphics than the original.. are they 'new' consoles?.. If you have bought in to every iteration of either Nintendo's or Apples re-hashed devices then you Sir are the ...Tard!!

ronin4life2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

They had very few skus initially, and through the lite and i increased in number as the 3ds started to creep its way onto the scene.
Just like the gb and gba.
Also, the 3ds is much more powerful than a ds. Nintendo recently unlocked more power for devs as well, making it even more capable.
It can run monster hunter tri better/as well as the wii WITH 3d. (And I'm pretty sure the 3ds and capcom accomplished this and RE:R without the extra power from Nintendo)

klecser2478d ago

But 3D is not the only difference. The 3DS quadrupled the card memory of the DSi with a processor better than a Wii console.

If "cosmetic" is necessary for you to see a new console then there is probably nothing that will convince you edgewise.

fatstarr2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

I have been saying this for years, check the comment history.

don't forget the psp phone Im counting that
and the vita if some want to count the 3DS as a DS the vita is just a psp that doesn't play psp games... -_-

Sony has come up with so much psp revisions that add nothing to the table and for the same price or more until the e1000.

the ds has been getting upgraded features each upgrade.

but as long as they all play the same games there's no problems.

also @LNDCalling 3DS isnt a DS its a new system its in the nintendo hand held family but its next gen same with the vita

AdvanceWarsSgt2478d ago

I can't believe you guys are even wasting your time arguing with someone who DOESN'T believe the 3DS is a new Nintendo handheld.

I don't give trolls the time of day, and neither should you two.

klecser2478d ago

@Advance: Normally I agree with you but LND and I have continued the conversation on PM and it is polite conversation. I don't interpret his comments as blatant trolling.

GraveLord2478d ago

Those PSP versions are actually hardware revisions. Its still just PSP. What you listed there is the model number.....

PSP Slim
PSP e1000

These are all the real hardware revisons.

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MizTv2478d ago

boy didnt see that one comming

LNDCalling2478d ago

Your sarcasm is duly noted despite the lack of "/s"…

And yes I agree, even if I do on occasion frequent my DS lite, that’s it, I refuse to fall for Nintendo's Wiley ways of selling me the same thing 4 times plus attachments!!.. >_<

ronin4life2478d ago

It is as obvious as the fact that sony is working on a revised vita as well; of course they(sony and Nintendo) are. But without a speculated release timeframe, this rumor isn't worth much outside its lacking of second stick being mentioned.

AdvanceWarsSgt2478d ago

I'll take "Least shocking news of the day" for 200$, Alex.

Cloudberry2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Based on the picture, why isn't the 3DS Lite (if it's true) didn't have 2nd Circle Pad built in?

klecser2478d ago

Probably because they're reporting a rumor without any pictures so they just used a stock photo. Do you honestly think Nintendo would just release a picture of a device just because someone prints a rumor?

crxss2478d ago

is wrong with your English?

it's just a picture for the article and it probably will have one.

rexbolt2477d ago

you cant read is whats wrong with his english i read it just fine maybe you should take reading class's man

crxss2477d ago

@rexbolt LOLOLOL your grammar might be worse

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