IGN - Spec Ops: The Line: "We Want to be The Apocalypse Now of Gaming"

IGN - On its sandy surface, forthcoming Dubai-set combat shooter Spec Ops: The Line might well be the most generic shooter this side of Doom. Last seen on the PS1, the series' past reputation for budget military action doesn't help first impressions much. American soldier? Check. Unnamed Middle Eastern war? Check. Trusty sidekicks spouting cliche lines? Check. Still, there's something exciting about the Q1 2012-expected title: developers Yager and 2K Games are quick to point out that they're trying to bring out a game with its own personality.

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Domer252480d ago

"we want to be the apocalypse now of gaming" good luck with that.

camel_toad2480d ago

Some people are meant for greatness. I dont think the team behind Spec-Ops is though...

rizzo-rizzo2480d ago

Don't even know who they're. but if the campaign looks anything artificial like the Company of Heroes cutscenes, has the voice acting of those soldiers in Battlefield 3 campaign, and lacking the true psychological horror stance. they ain't got no place in vietnam.