Hitman co-op "discussed" but "never felt right" - IO

OXM UK: "IO Interactive has considered making a co-op Hitman but feels this would detract from the franchise's lone wolf ethos, according to Hitman: Absolution game director Tore Blystad."

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fourthpersonview2481d ago

Why consider coop and not competitive play?

Game scenario would be clones of Agent 47 like the one in Hitman Contracts(forgot which game start you in a white room) race each other who gets to kill the contract first, killing each other along the way.

ShoryukenII2481d ago

That's actually a good idea. I'm sure the devs thought of it but were too lazy to put it in. Hopefully Assassin's Creed III has it.

dirigiblebill2481d ago

True dat. If Valve can fit co-op into one of the most isolationist games around, why can't IO manage the same in Hitman?

ThichQuangDuck2481d ago

You cannot just say portal 2 without any substance. Portal was a puzzle game it is not like anyone said you could never do co op in that one you just throw another portal gun in there. In Hitman at least blood money you would be so precise about how you pull off a kill that a friend could screw that all up or you guys would split up in the open map and forget you were playing together. So the true game to compare this co op to would be Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

rabidpancakeburglar2481d ago

I think that co-op would actually be a good idea. It would certainly help a stealth infiltration of a building go quicker, unless you're playing with an all guns blazing idiot.

Venox20082481d ago

Number 47 works alone..

ShoryukenII2481d ago

Just like Batman did when he had Robin following him around. Or Mr.Incredible when alongside his family.

Eiffel2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

But 47 doesn't HAVE anyone to follow him. Or rather would even allow it, not much of an assassin if he had a tag along.

Eiffel2481d ago

Hitman is the last game that needs any type of multiplayer.

ThichQuangDuck2481d ago

Competitive multi player could be real fun if done correctly. Co-op could also be fun if they did it in splinter cell chaos theory style. Anything to make the game more worth of my 60$ is fine with me. I truly hope it is not a scripted action game

Eiffel2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Just because Splinter Cell did it doesn't mean Hitman should follow, let there be a margin of difference between the two and let Splinter Cell have it's multiplayer and coop. It actually fits unlike Hitman which is purely Agent 47, the man works alone and is completely desensitized.

Not every game needs multiplayer, a lot of which shouldn't have it. This is one of those games.

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The story is too old to be commented.