Ready Up » Opinion: Why the 3DS and Vita are already beaten

Ready Up staff writer Mark Paterson delves into why he thinks the 3DS and Vita have been beaten by our own mobile phones, all thanks to a cheaper price point for games and OnLive's recent Android app.

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resistance1002478d ago

Not even going to read this article since its all the same.

Can iphone/ipad offer me gaming experinces as good as Uncharted. Short answer No

Do they offer the same controlls the Vita/PSP/3DS/DS offer (i.e physical buttons). Short answer No.

There is and always will be a market for full, engrossing games on a handheld.

How about for once, we just wait and see what happens when everything is all send and done.

The fact that the 3DS has had a better first year than the Wii did speaks volumes on the state of the handheld market.

Markatansky2478d ago

If you'd read it, then you'd see that the answer to the first two is yes.

resistance1002478d ago

The only phone which offers physical buttons is the Xperia Play, which in my experience in using one doesn't offer any where near the type of games coming out for Vita or 3DS for that matter.

You can't tell me that using "virtual buttons" on a touch screen is the same as using analogue sticks, shoulder buttons etc.

Sure you can enjoy playing what really is the worst version of a 10 year old game in GTA 3, or a weak version of Dead Space which too be honest i've got no problem with. But me personally i'd rather play new experiences.


Now don't get me wrong i've got no problem at all with gaming on my phone. I've got a few games on my Arc which are great for those 10-15 minute bus journeys. But nothing on said phone's marketplace comes close to offering me the experiences i enjoy on my handheld consoles, when i'm away from home or travelling long journeys.

Markatansky2478d ago

Yeah, but the Xperia Play is treated as a gamepad for OnLive, the games streaming service. OnLive just so happens to have "gaming experinces as good as Uncharted" and "full, engrossing games" so your point is invalid.

resistance1002478d ago

But surely the Onlive arguement doesn't work. Since you need to be connected to wifi to play them.

Not very portable, which defeats the object of comparing it to a handheld gaming device

klecser2478d ago

I did read it, and reading something doesn't make it true. This idiot makes the same flawed and inexperienced argument that many other smart phone fanboys make. He spent a few hours with his shiny new toy, ignored the problems, didn't get a call while playing, didn't wait to see what happens when he wants to game AND make calls with the battery life, and is now prepared to call it the best thing since sliced bread.

When he waits, he'll see what happens with the touch controls on those AAA games when he really needs to accomplish something with the skill, because the touch controls only work about 80% of the time. That is ok in beginning levels, but it isn't going to cut it when he needs to accomplish something. Plus, those touch screen buttons are cluttering the screen. Xperia does have physical buttons, but in order to intergrate them into a phone sacrifices had to be made. I've played with it and they don't feel right.

Another troll article on the internet. A place where anybody can pretend they know what they're talking about without consequences.

Baka-akaB2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

When your argument is that you need a 3rd party service to make mobile gaming actually worthwhile (worthwhile not just successful , we aint accountants here) , well truth is you got none or a very feeble one .

Everything you mention amount at best as imitation , hardly something smooth and truly worthwhile for now

You all even grasp desperately at straws : "but but but the xperia Play got buttons " . That's one phone out of how many ? And how many of you even touched one ? I did , and only those that didnt would pretend its the same as say a psp .

That's a lot of requirement already for something supposed to be very simple : the phone + onlive + the xperia's buttons ? Oh yeah everyone's shaking and impressed .

Action speaks louder you know . Let us see you at say SSF4 AE on a xperia phone/whatever be ios/android/onlive and showing us it runs as fine as console version (meaning not just running , but performing as well and as precise input wise) and then you'll have a point .

Gohadouken2478d ago

Even reading it , i've yet to see how the answer is yes .

Like other said you are grasping at straws .
For a while all your ilk could do was spam about somewhat ok clones or oldie ports such as snes turn based jrpgs based on virtual on screen touchs and capricious sensors . None of those living up to the original games .

And now that this chapter has been settled , with you guys mostly forced to ramble incessantly about sales figures , for lack of a better argument ...

Now you wanna back up Onlive as the savior and that lollipopsized argument . Problem is , it's just that imitation with limitations .

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dredgewalker2478d ago

My mom got an Ipad 2 last week.....I can definitely say that the Vita and 3DS are in no danger of being replaced by these tablets or smartphones as gaming devices.

dark-hollow2478d ago

wow for the last time.
comparing both markets is like saying tv shows will kill the movie industry.

even for casuals and cores alike, the handheld market is still here to stay!!

can i have a game as addicting as pokemon on my phone?
can i have a game as polished as peace walker??
as long as crisis core?
as fun as super mario land 3d??

Baka-akaB2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

but ...but ... but the xperia play got buttons ... and i can plug things and pads in my tablet , defeating the whole purpose of its existence , just so i could tell you that i can run the worst version of GTA3 10 years later , and Super Mario world fully emulated!!

And you are just jealous ! We are the future , just look at how much "we" sells already /s

the worst2478d ago

iphone games are 98% trash

Matrix2k2478d ago

Theres no point in reading a stupid article like this

mixelon2478d ago

Handhelds and phones and tablets etc will all continue to coexist fine, catering to different play styles and users.

I do think iPods/pads/phones/tablets will eat into handheld sales for a transitional period while people work out what gadgets best suit their needs.

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