Infamous 2 and Procedurally Locking-In Race and Gender

Gamasutra - I enjoyed playing Infamous 2 a lot; the symmetry of using Cole’s electric powers to zip across the city landscape was often beautiful and Cole’s ability to harness electricity, ice and oil are achieved impressively. However, the game’s plot and symbolic content, which is important to me and many others when playing a game, leaves a lot to be desired and becomes problematic when it becomes integrated into the game’s mechanics.

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brish2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

WARNING: The article is full of spoilers.

ShoryukenII2531d ago

Thank you very much. Helpful bubble. :)

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Redempteur2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

"To sum up so far, the evil characters are dark skinned while the good are light skinned."
he only took 7 months for someone to say something stupid like that ...

Is bertrand a good guy ? Are the white guys of the milicia willing to sacrifice humans too at the begining of the game ?

How the hell did he play the damn game ? Did he even finished it ?
Nix fought the beast !! ( both the end ) was she a bad guy too ?

This "article" is stupid , full of misconceptions and not worthy of anyone attention .

i wasted my time reading it.

John isn't even a bad guy ( he was actually curing people from the plague ).. His whole argument made no sense ..

The ending choice was perfect.
It's a reminder that there was in fact no good choice in the game at all.( going by the endings ).nobody can be trully good or bad even when things go bad .

Nix wasn't all bad. she was forced in this position by bertran scheme.
kuo wasn't good either as she hated herself BUT still cling to the opportunity to survive even if it meant destroying the civilisation.
Same for zeke, or the militia or bertrand itself.

Going toward the " no one is trully good , not even cole himself " made the endings much more impact .

mynameisEvil2531d ago

John's plan wasn't evil, it's just what he thought would save people from dying.

If there's one thing I agree with this stupid article with, it's that the ending choice sucked ass. However, how that choice SHOULD'VE been has nothing to do with being racist or sexist as the author seems to think it should be.

ReservoirDog3162531d ago

Oh this article sounds so stupid...

I'm not even gonna read it.

mynameisEvil2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

This is possibly the most liberal article I've ever read.

They used John because they thought, "Who would the player NOT expect to be the Beast?" They didn't go, "He's black, he must be evil."

Same goes for Nix. They didn't go, "She's black, she most be evil!", it's jsut that Kuo was the agent, a woman who was by-the-numbers and wanted to help people. When they gave her powers, it seemed like a logical choice for a good person. Nix is a native of a place that's pretty much New Orleans. Now, you know who live in New Orleans? Black people. A lot of black people (obviously, there's white people, too, so don't start calling me racist or anything). After Nix's family was destroyed, her anger and power went to her head, making her an evil character.

As for when you're about to use the Transfer Device, I must tell you something: THERE IS NO MORAL OR IMMORAL DECISION, MORON. It's a choice. DO you want fire powers or ice powers? Simple as that. It has nothing to do with their damn bodies.

Zeke doesn't put up a fight because he knows he's going to die, no matter what. There's no real point to killing Cole, he's just going to die himself. Besides, he's tired and almost dead at that point.

The thing I find with liberals who write crap with this is that they find things that never exist, simply for the point of calling something racist or sexist. If anyone is racist and sexist here, it's the author for thinking of things racially and sexually like this. Congrats, Conor L. You're both a huge racist and a huge sexist. Fantastic.

Zeke isn't black...

Hicken2531d ago

Hey, don't go blaming liberals for drivel like this. This is just plain ignorance.

GraveLord2531d ago

Zeke is black and he's a good guy......well he did betray Cole in the first game.....

ShoryukenII2531d ago

I was sure that Zeke was white...unless they changed him to black for the second game?

cpayne932531d ago

Lol Zeke is pretty far from being a black guy.

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