Hitman Absolution: A Step In The Wrong Direction?

360 Magazine: Hitman Aboslution may look impressive, but has IO Interactive been watching too many films during development of its latest adventure or Agent 47?

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Biglet2532d ago

Ahhh. Blood Money was brilliant. I didn't play it.

Stuart57562532d ago

I've seen the downloabable 10 min gameplay vid (PSN) and i've got to say it looks good.

Bundi2532d ago

Stealth!! Thats all that is needed to make this game good. SC Conviction made me sad because of the short length and action focus. Hitman Blood Money on the other hand is still one of my favourite 360 games. I regret trading it away.


It looks really good to me.

Pushagree2532d ago

No. This will be the best hitman game yet. Stealth games need a reminder of what makes them good. Fiber wire is a step in the right direction.

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The story is too old to be commented.