More amazing Pokemon games coming in 2012

The Pokemon Company has revealed that "more amazing games will be released in 2012."

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Kran2532d ago

Im still awaiting that Pokemon RPG. Honestly, Nintendo are missing out. I personally think if they ever made a Pokemon RPG for the Wii/ Wii U starting with Kanto (and then sequels or expansions of other regions), they could be looking at their best Pokemon game ever.

C_Menz2531d ago

The handheld games are essentially RPG's in a way. All they have to do is to make a good version of them for their consoles. Although I doubt they would do that since it would negate buying their portable devices.

That is the reason why you won't see something like this since they need to keep enough content for both so one doesn't overtake the other.

Kran2531d ago

Yes, because OoT on 3DS and Skyward Sword on the Wii will kill the franchise (/s)

Seriously though. A 3D Pokemon RPG (perhaps even with online tournaments created by Nintendo themselves) would make this game the best pokemon game out there.

Prophet-Gamer2531d ago

If the Wii-U were to get a real Pokemon RPG I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Even after so many years I still love Pokemon games.

mike1up2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

100% Agreed. The time for a home console pokemon rpg has come. It would work perfectly on the WiiU controller.

Asthenos2531d ago

Just imagine it, having your PokeGear on the controller so the screen is clear and then during battle you would have the traditional attack/item/pokemon/run options on the controller

ABizzel12531d ago

Pokemon Grey
Pokemon Snap 2
Pokemon Adventures ?????
Pokemon Stadium 3 (Wii U)

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ScubaSteve12531d ago

I am still waiting for my Pokemon MMO nintendo