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EuroGamer - The ultimate hardcore gamer's handheld?

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-Mezzo-2575d ago

Nice: They Seem To Love It.

Kurisu2575d ago

It makes a change to read something positive rather than "it's doomed!".

resistance1002575d ago

Very positive review. Not surprising as everyone is praising it as a gaming device and the software.

Just a shame that most aren't focusing on this and instead putting all their effort on sales figures and doomsday articles when its not even launched in most countries yet.

MasterCornholio2575d ago

Very good review. One thing that i have noticed from many reviews on the Vita is that they bash the 3DS.

"You can argue that we had that before with PlayStation Portable, but the truth is that we didn't. We need that second analogue stick - something that even Nintendo has belatedly acknowledged with its revisions to the 3DS - and it's here at last, and makes as profound a difference to handheld gameplay as anything since the original DS second screen and stylus. There is a lot to be said for simplicity in control, but core gamers need flexibility and precision, and Vita should be the most flexible and precise handheld console ever made."

I know that having an extra analog stick is a great thing to have but it isnt such a big deal. The only thing the extra stick does is improve controls but thats it.

Cant wait till the Vita is out.

Studio-YaMi2575d ago

well you can't deny that they are right about it,it really is much more flexible having a second analog stick,a lot of franchises can't be done(or are hard at controlling) without it,like monster hunter,metal gear or any fbs out there and even nintendo knows that,that is why they added that pad attachment with a second stick.

wishing the best for both handhelds

fokker2575d ago

Even corporate idiots like it ,.. Awesome!