The Gaming Industry's Greatest Lies - Awesome Games

Invariably, developers, console manufacturers and, dare it be uttered, colluding journalists, have spun many a web of lies over the years; some guiltier than others. Innocently, we absorb the meticulously crafted PR statements. We watch with awe and amazement at the possibilities of the upcoming hardware. We listen to the audible deceit which spews from the mouth of our providers. Then, inevitably…we are left with the truth. And predictably, it hurts.

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miyamoto2477d ago

Why did Molyneux get away with his lies the 2nd time with natal? Microsoft had all these Japanese developers speaking game ideas for nothing?
That was humiliating.

Tenkay232477d ago

I bought the Wii on launch day believing the 1:1 motion hype and Twilight Princess was a must have. Little did I know the true 1:1 wouldn't come until almost 3 years later in 2009. Still, I loved the console even though the ads BSed everything haha.