How do you play Skyrim?

Addict of Fiction's Adam Randall looks at Skyrim and the various ways people can play it.

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gillri2531d ago

I play trying to avoid the bug and glitches

frankboy20122531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

It all depends on your situation i suppose,im currently level 70 (sad bastard i know) dark brotherhood,companion,stormclo ak,thieves guild,nightingale quests done was using destruction/restoration for a while but now focusing on my stealth kills swordplay etc.I am neutral on this playthrough mind you that might change cuz everytime i go to the college of winterhold i keep hearing JIZZ'argo this and JIZZ'argo that,JIZZ'argo was expected to be named arch mage but their is still time" no their isnt time u slanty eyed rice picking soy sauced breath cunt your spells are dog Shit the end :)

Tjrocks7412531d ago

Im a thief with invisibility in one hand and my trusty dagger in the other, Sometimes i prefer to use a bow though

SP3333D-O2531d ago

Stealth Wood Elf archer...this time.

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