Final Fantasy 13 the worst in the franchise?

Addict of Fiction take a look at FF13 to gather thoughts on FF13-2 this is what they found.

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Lovable2482d ago

Imo 12 was the worst...half of the characters on that game don't really have any purpose on the story tbh..

I love the random treasures on chest though hehe

CustardTrout2482d ago

Hated 12, then 13, then I thought "Can't get worse then this"
I was wrong.

megaworm252482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

loved 10 & 12

cried the first time i played 13 cause it was so bad

Baka-akaB2482d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Love 12 , i'm ok with 10 (dont like the chars and story but awesome gameplay at least) and 13 . Can't stand FF8 however for various reasons .

And FFII is easily the weakest . The gameplay can't save it , and the story even less . You know it's true , it's that FF game you can't mention in FF best/worst 10 articles , because you didnt play it , or can't bother to finish/remember

Sevir2481d ago

13's story sucked but on a personal level i'd put FF12 as worst, then FF8 and FF 13.

NukaCola2481d ago

FFXIII is pretty mediocre, but nothing will compare to Mystic Quest which is horrid.

I personally didn't like what FF X started. It was sort of birthing the linearity that has become Final Fantasy. The game was good, but it's like how RE4 was good and how RE5 kind of repeated the same formula and added fail ontop. FF XIII isn't growth, it's a step..not backwards..but in the wrong direction. I probably want to blame JP for trying to become more western. Which again is silly cause WRPGs are more open now than any JRPG has been in years.

guitarded772481d ago

X was great, but X-2 is the worst in franchise history IMO. XIII is a close second.

Ranma12481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Am still wondering. How the hell did Square Enix mess up this BAD????

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crisiskillerbx92482d ago

in ff12 there were only two characters that didn't have a purpose to the story
Vaan- brother was killed by the empire (thats a reason enough).
Basch- framed for the death of the king of Dalmasca and seeks to clear his name.
Ashe- Father and hushand is killed by the empire and lost her kingdom(this is your main protagonianist.
and thats just to name a few

zeddy2482d ago

did anyone else keep falling asleep whilst playing ff13? it was quite boring a must admit.

Ranma12481d ago

Heres what japanese gamers are saying about FF13-2:


1. The story is terrible, as bad as the 3rd birthdays, except this time at least serahs annoying traits make a bit of sense on her

2. Noel is a shoehorn who doesn't belong in the game, terrible character motivations etc.

3. The towns are joke. You basically cant enter any house and theres hardly any NPCs in them

4. You start getting sick of JUST Serah/Noel after the first 15 hours or so...yes there are side characters with better development than XIII but they come for only half of each chapter

5. The graphics have taken a downgrade

6. No its not linear but once again there is really only one big massive roam area (archlytte steppe)

7. The levelling up is worse than the crystarium, some bonuses are cool but its based a lot on chance so it can get annoying.

8. The dialogue is ATROCIOUS

9. The story doesnt really develop much at feels like nothing happens for a long long time.

10. Some people have conflicting views on the rap tracks


1. The monsters being in the battle system is actually pretty brilliant. The sheer versatlity has improved by a lot

2. The QTEs are more like limit breaks than anything else which is good and most of them look epic

3. Chocobo being able to fly a bit is a good mechanic

4. The Red chocobo story quest is wayy more epic than the actual games story

5. Soundtrack is good.

So thats the general sum up from people who have played up to 20-30 hours of the game. I will update with more impressions as they come in


D3mons0ul2477d ago

That's not a source, all of that "info" is bogus.

ReservoirDog3162481d ago

Yeah there was only 1 good character in XII. Balthier. The rest sucked and you can't really gave a jrpg with bad characters. Let alone the true* "it plays itself" gameplay that people say XIII had (at least you strategized with switching roles), boring story, forgettable music and it's by far the worst one I've played.

People are too dramatic about hating XIII.

Tanir2478d ago

12 was abysmal. even as a normal rpg it plain out sucked. bad story, characters were just all reskins of each other, making them un unique, main character wasnt the main character and the gambit system let you walk away for hours and the game would farm and level up for you without touching the controller

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koehler832482d ago

Eh, the first half of VIII is quite good. The second half is really terrible.

The first half of XIII is pretty damn bad. The second half is quite good.

Pozzle2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

IDK. I think that even at its worst, FFVIII was still a pretty solid game.

Some of the story and character choices towards the end of the game were odd (and I will forever be bitter that Quistis was relegated to a background character), but there was still some solid character growth, some plot related mysteries to be solved, and some fun and memorable boss battles. Not to mention the gorgeous music used throughout the game...and some of the incredible locations (Lunatic Pandora and Ultimecia's castle stand out for me).

Ranma12481d ago

I hate FF10-2. But


Due to gameplay

stonecold32482d ago

i just hope they will give us a release date for ffvs 13

Pozzle2482d ago

Are we talking about the main numbered series, or Final Fantasy in general? Because some are just atrocious. Like Dirge of Cerberus, for example.

Inception2481d ago

Maybe for the main numbered series. But for general, imho, X-2, XIII, and DoC are the worst.

Fishy Fingers2482d ago

Based on its reception I'd say 14 would give it a run for its money.

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