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Before fanboys start sending hate mail based on that comment, I want to reiterate that I have nothing against Gears of War 3. As stated above, the gameplay’s polished, the graphics are sharper and have better lighting than ever before, and the multiplayer modes are both numerous and enjoyable. It’s just that it all feels a bit repetitive at times, a fate that’s not befallen a Gears game in the past, which makes me wonder whether it’s due to some fault of the game or just franchise fatigue. Had there been more focus on the narrative, on finally delivering the plot points I craved in the first game, I might have been able to overlook the linearity and lack of evolution. But it doesn’t, so I can’t and won’t. Gears of War 3 is a solid game and likely worthy of the praise it’s received. I just happen to think it falls a bit flat.

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