ExtremeGamer: Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception Review

ExtremeGamer: Naughty Dog and their leading man, Nathan Drake, are looking to charm another heist of our hearts. Easily one of the most decorated Playstation 3 series, 'Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception' ushers in another formulaic win. 'Uncharted 3' will have no problem satisfying the devotees, and gamers who haven't weathered the "Uncharted" storm, it is time to welcome the jungle.

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SJPFTW2483d ago

8.4? inb4 the fanboy shitstorm

jaseo2483d ago

i tried out splitscreen co-op the other day. That is a lot of fun!!

P_Bomb2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

When one of the highlighted negative bulletpoints is "graphics aren't as impressive", I think it's fair to say they graded on a bit of a curve. Game just won best graphics on GOTY awards. That's one of the last things you'd think anyone would highlight as a negative.

First I've seen Assassins Creed Revelations being namedropped as an example of being better than anything this year, let alone its own history. It's not even a cover shooter. Neither is the quoted Batman Arkham City. Uncharted isn't about freeflow melee combat. Neither are Gears or Mass Effect. You wouldn't criticize Batman for a lack of headshots, so I'm not sure why the opposite doesn't hold true.

Thatguy-3102483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Because naughty tried to put so much emphasis on the combat this time around. It's hard not to bring it up and criticise. The shooting and the movement do feel clunky at times and makes me question why on earth did ND get rid of the smoothness that was introduced on Among thieves O.o. As for the Visuals that's the only thing I enjoyed out of this installment. It's the best looking game by far out of the current consoles. TBH that's the only reason I play sections of the game. Just to simply gaze upon its glory. Especially in the desert sections !!!! The story lacked though compared to the other installments and we all know graphics don't make a game.

CGI-Quality2483d ago

What exactly did the story "lack" though? That's something I've yet to understand.

As for the controls, they added the option to play it with Uncharted 2-type controls (although besides hit detection, I found nothing really wrong with the controls).

Chitown712912483d ago

Truly sick of people talking sh*t about this game....... Gripes have been : Controls (fine to me) , Plotholes ( Where? Please fill me in) , and not as much action. I feel as if they build the up to the action in this one, and I love it. The airplane, the ship, the desert, the sandstorm, the horse chase.............C'mon man. If anybody gives Game of the Year, I most certainly believe they deserve it. And once you get the hang of multiplayer, it becomes addictive as hell.

Thatguy-3102483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

I hate writing biG paragraphs -_- oh well. Let's start off with character development. This is one aspect where the game truly annoyed the hell out of me. We are introduced to marlowe, talboit, and cutter. The game did little to develop these characters and used them mostly as prop by not giving them a lot of screen time. Even returning characters like elena and chloe didn't come out as much which was truly disappointing. Now comparing it to Among thieves where they brought lazaravich, chloe, and flynn. That game did everything right because at the end of the game we knew the history and relatioship that Drake had with these new characters. Half in the game ellena was brought into the picture and the love triangle occurred which thickened the plot even more. Characters in Drake Deception some what fail because they are pretty much forgetful except cutter. I was truly disapointed how he didn't come out for a long time. Story wise it was just a borefest to me nothing but big set pieces that showcase the game technical achievement. What do we know of the new bad guys? What's there relationship with one another? What's up with talboits powers? There are just so many unaswered questions that are left when the game is finshed. Narrative wise the game was just jumping from locale to locale which was kind of annoying because it was really hard to keep up with what was going on. And the ending was super weak !!!! It was basically a copy paste from among thieves!! The way the villains died were super weak too -_- like really quicksandO.o how lame. They easily could have added more chapters towards the ending but seems like they just rushed it. As for the gameplay Even with the update it feels a lot different than the smoothness that among thieves had. At the end of the day its my opinion and I didn't like it. It's not a bad game but its no where near the mastepiece that Among Thieves is. Many agree with what I say and many disagree(just look at the meta score). This installment split the fans because many like me think it was a disappointment where others think its the second coming of Jesus. But look at the hype that the game lost when released. The fact that many journalist didn't rave about it like they did with among thieves shows that it was just an average installment.

Kingdom Come2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

When arguing in defence of a games quality, don't use as a reference. They've lost all credibility after their recent "Game of the Year" Awards. Why? Well, listeners of the weekly "Invisible Walls" Podcast, hosted by the reviewers of the site, will have heard Shane Saterfield, the head reviewer for Gametrailers reveal that they haven't given awards where they are deserving as such, they gave awards to games that would satisfy their community. I mean, let's be honest, "Modern Warfare 3" wasn't the greatest shooter of 2011, but it's community is so large Gametrailers had hoped the decision would result in less uproar, only to achieve the opposite reaction. "Uncharted 3" shouldn't be considered a "Third Person Shooter", but was, solely so that Gametrailers could award "Batman Arkham City" an award for "Action Adventure" (The Genre of which the Uncharted franchise falls in to). "Third Person Shooter of the Year" should have rightfully gone to Gears of War 3, te game with superior shooting mechanics, and Uncharted should have won "Best Action Adventure". Also, Gametrailers SERIOUSLY messed up with their "Best Multiplayer of Year" award nominations, with Killzone, Dark Souls and Uncharted receiving nominations but Gears of War 3 (of which has already received a number of "Best Multiplayer of 2011 awards") didn't receive a nomination. Not surprisingly it was revealed through Invisible Walls that a number of the reviewing team hadn't played much of the multiplayer aspects of the years games, which doesn't bode well for the reliability of their reviews...

BoNeSaW232483d ago

WOW!!! That's one Big Ass Paragraph you got there!

P_Bomb2483d ago

@Kingdom Come
Doesn't really matter what site I pick, it's pretty common knowledge at this point. GT gave Gears3 a 9.4 anyways. They liked it more than ExtremeGamer liked UC3 so I don't see a conspiracy there. If it wasn't their go-to MP game, it just wasn't.

A lot of people love COD, not just GT. Look at the sales. It ain't my pick for best FPS but the game has more fans than any other FPS going so odds are someone was eventually gonna admit it.

UC3 *is* a third person shooter. It is also an action/adventure game. You can't say either are wrong really. Online it's straight up TPS though.

Gears 3 being robbed and having the alleged better MP and shooting mechanics (personally I'm not a fan of the reload slider QTE) is your own personal preference. Not everyone has to agree. Difference is GT didn't tell you the graphics in Gears3 were a disappointment and they didn't use it as a negative in their review summary. ExtremeGamer did. I don't for the life of me see how anyone could consider the graphics in UC3 to be one of its highlight weaknesses. That's kinda the point. Doesn't have to be GT, hell ask your neighbor.

Thatguy-3102483d ago

Well they have no choice. This time around It hasn't recieved as much GOTY awards as among thieves. Truly they would have use the SPIKE award but it failed to win.

Among thieves>Drake Deception.

scrambles2483d ago

@CGI-Quality Good games will have underlying themes and symbolism that make the player think. Good games will draw the player's attention to small details and make him wonder what this is about. They reference philosophy and give a player a far greater experience than explosions and shiny graphics with small event strewn together by a weak plot that could be ignored. This UC3 didnt do well at all. In fact after i beat it i cant remember anything about it. Same goes for the entire series except for maybe zombie things... The games just dont have a significant purpose. You go ooh that was cool then your brain goes oop doesnt need that anymore need to fill in with more random trivia and useless info. Games like Bioshock, Deus Ex, Mass Effect, Half Life 2, and Silent Hill 2 have AMAZING stories. Play them. Once you play some games with amazing stories your opinion will worsen of all the new games you buy and it will make you stronger.

dinkeldinkse2483d ago

The gunplay felt off to me.

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