[TPV ask] Has Steam become the New best way to play games?

TPV's Phil: "Yesterday however saw the highest figure of users online at one point in the service’s life. The figure came in at an astonishing 5,000,000 people online which smashes the figures for consoles which average a mere 3,000,000 people at most times."

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fluffydelusions2479d ago

"New best way"

Steam has been around for a while, it's not new.

NAGNEWS2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

brink, limo, pvZ, killing floor when they were 75% off, great games

edit:i think all PC games should go to steam,

BrutallyBlunt2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Steam really is the go to place for any serious gamer or any gamer period. They have a catalogue of old and new games. Games that can push the latest video cards and games that can be played on old hardware. The library is vast and most of all the community is the best there is. It's nothing like the kids here on N4G who bubble down those who say anything negative about their precious system. It's nothing like XBOX Live and PSN that are full of team killers and racial teenagers who love playing loud music in the background. Steam is also a miracle for those that don't know much about gaming on computers as Steam does the tweaking for you without having to resort looking for patches. I also don't have to sit there and stare at a screen while I need to update my hardware or update my games like we see so often on the Playstation 3. Sony doesn't have a clue on how to run software.

Steam has been a saviour for PC gaming because it takes the easy matchmaking and online features XBOX Live has, with dedicated servers and mod support, all for free. It takes what Sony and its PSN + service offers with its discount on games (funny how they charge you for larger discounts) but still pale in comparison to Steam prices. Has Rochard been $5 on PSN? Does PSN even have Bastion, probably the best indie game of 2011? Yes both XBOX Live and PSN have sales but nothing like prices on Steam.

Sure Steam doesn't have exclusives like Uncharted or Forza or Zelda but the amount of titles on Steam is more than enough to keep gamers occupied. Not only that but gamers can tweak games to their own liking. They don't have to put up with games running barely in HD and barely at 30fps like we see on those consoles.

Now watch what I mean about the N4G community and how many disagrees I get just for speaking the truth.

dc12479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

No need to bash Xbox live and PSN in your support of steam.

I love steam and have given them all my money this year (in small '75% off' chunks :) )

But I also love my PSN plus account which updates my system automatically and gives me free and/ or well discounted games as well.

With that said, I will agree that steam provides the gaming world at your feet at a fraction of the cost (with the proper rig setup of course).

LethalToxins2479d ago

BubUp for LevelHead. Well said.

sonicsidewinder2479d ago

It's been a good way to play for ages.

LightofDarkness2479d ago

Been my weapon of choice since The Orange Box.

I bought HL2 on Steam as well in 2004. A brief dalliance with the "next-gen" consoles ensued a year later, which just never delivered to the expectations they had set forth at the start of the generation (I was truly suckered by the hype :P) and didn't really use Steam for much else until about 2007/2008. Since then I've been firmly rooted in PC gaming.

Chnswdchldrn2479d ago

Far better than any other service I've used in the past (XBL, PSN to name a few)


I am only buying games on steam for now on, I'm computer dumb so it took me like an half hour to install AC revelations correctly. I like how steam does every thing for me.

frelyler2479d ago

It took you half and hour to find the big install button that pops up after clicking the big purchase button? Do you know how to read?

dirthurts2479d ago

There were perhaps complications, like multiple hard drives and such.
Don't hate. Not everyone spends all day on a computer.

TheGameFoxJTV2479d ago

Not to mention it's a Ubisoft game so it probably had crazy DRM on the game. Poor guy. T.T

frelyler2479d ago

Not hating. I don't get his comment. I have installed AC on my pc with steam by clicking the mouse twice. Also being on a pc all day has nothing to do with anything. It's the reading and comprehension that comes into play. Which in this seems to be an issue. Also I doubt he has multiple HDDs if he is "computer dumb." I truly don't understand how it took half an hour to read, purchase for myself and then download. I just don't get it. It's a comment akin to being in Bestbuy and hearing someone say, hey look at this here IPAD, when in reality they are standing in front of an e-ink reader, really, really?

LethalToxins2479d ago

Are you sure Stik got Revelations from Steam? I would assume that he used some other service that didn't do everything for you...

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roadkillers2479d ago

It took me about an hour to install L4D. My drives were out of date and Steam sent me to a site to update. Had to do a little research before downloading, but yeah Steam is great.

STIKUP ARTIST2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

@frelyler -I bought AC off of amazon. That is why I had to do the install my self. That is why I now prefer to get my games off steam. I am an electrician, the only time I touched a computer is to surf the web.
edit: I had a pretty beast gaming computer built for me, 7 led fans, 2 HDD totaling 1.5 tb, 16 gb of ram, AMD Phenom II x6 and a gtx 570. I said I was computer dumb not retarded.

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