Industry Futures: A World Without Consoles

The Consumer Electronics Show is fast approaching. With many updates in technology on the verge of revolution, and Microsoft’s history of console announcement based out of the event, gears are moving on the potential of what the next Xbox might become. Focusing on the next generation of consoles, what do the big three have in mind with the coming generation? What of the generation after?

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MultiConsoleGamer2533d ago

Consoles have at least two more gens.

Nintendo will be making video game hardware 50 years from now.

JoeIsMad2533d ago

Agreed and detailed. :D

theeg2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

*looks up with eyes half rolling back in head, big stupid grin on face holding a rifle*

"i already am....

in a world without consoles"

-honestly, besides dark souls, uncharted 3 and gears 3 i played everything this yea on pc. skyrim, batman, witcher 2, portal 2, bf3, plus about 50 games i bought on the steam deals this steam.

pc looks better, it's way cheaper,has mods, starcraft 2, steam, ohh, and STEAM!

there isn't really much coming aout that appeals to me on console this year, and i thought both uncharted 3 and dark souls last year were huge steps down from their predassors, gears 3 was exactly like gears 2, a decent at best game.

95% of games are on all platforms anyway, i hate how 720p looks and avoid it at all costs.

but some console games cannot be missed, mgs4, halo reach, zelda SS, uncharted 2, demons souls, i own all those games and will keep my consoles for those to be revisited, but we should have had a new generation of consoles start a long time ago.

they are so very far behind pc, almost two generations now.