SOPA and You

You've probably been hearing a lot about this "SOPA" thing of late; it's cracked the news with reports that Anonymous hates it and wants its corporate supporters to feel the brunt of their hacking muscle. Of course, this is alongside more measured outcry from netizens who declaim it as the first step down a slippery slope that can only lead to the abolition of our First Amendment right to free speech and the undermining of the entire Internet. Why is a single act of law held to be so dramatic and, more directly, how does this affect you as a gamer?

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lorianguy2575d ago

Great article with great explanations, thanks. :)

Paragon2575d ago

Hm, good read on what SOPA is exactly, and what it means to you.

(Article): "Remember that, in the end, the government exists to serve the public, not the other way around."

Famous last words.

MasterCornholio2575d ago

Very good explanation of what the SOPA act is.

Y ahora se que Sopa es más que un plato de comida.

Wait a tick that would mean that pictures of this guy

Would get censored. Well that doesn't seem so bad to me.

bergoo2575d ago

Posted this comment on source site (awaiting approval)

I'd like to point out that the companies you singled out as supporters of SOPA (Nintendo, EA, and Sony), have NEVER given their support for SOPA. These companies signed onto a letter drafted by the US chambers of commerce, voicing their concern with copyright infringement. This letter was created BEFORE SOPA was even introduced.

Here is an OFFICIAL list of SOPA supporters.

tech dirt has a great story to help you better understand.

sreiches2574d ago

We became aware of that today (as, it appears, did most of the gaming press). Thank you, though, for helping to keep us honest.

bergoo2574d ago

Honestly, you should probably link to your update on this article as well.

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