Things you can do playing Skyrim that you shouldn't do in real life

Dante' R. Maddox: I told a friend of mine the good news: I got my hands on a copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He promptly told me that he would see me in six months. We laughed, and then the moment of silence marked the truth in his half joke. I can't stop playing this awesome RPG, but I will long enough to have a little fun with you, our dear readers. Skyrim has a lot to offer many kinds of gamers: adventure, intrigue, and of course, violence. Fear not, this little column shouldn't reveal any of the game's secrets, so feel free to read knowing that what we're going to discuss is 100% spoiler-free.

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rabidpancakeburglar2532d ago

Hmmm that sounds like a regular week in my life, I didn't know it was frowned upon. I should probably go into hiding.

gamernova2531d ago

Get married *cough cough*

Baka-akaB2531d ago

most of all getting rid of the wife via death :p

dreamoner2531d ago

What an article...

what the games are for?

Danniel12530d ago

Err fighting dragons seems like a obvious one. Same for shield bashing a full grown bear.