IGN - Last Guardian or Last of Us: Which Comes Out 1st?

IGN - A few weeks ago on Podcast Beyond, we covered the madness that is The Last Guardian. Its delay, its hemorrhaging staff, and the loss of figurehead Fumito Ueda. As we went through the timeline, the question became: what's wrong going on in Japan?

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Ezio20482533d ago

Last Of Us!!
nonetheless both will be awesome..

Crazyglues2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

I'm going to say Last Guardian since it's been in development for awhile and since Last Of Us has just been announced and it has no date...

-that's my thinking anyway..


D3mons0ul2533d ago

Not your journalism, that's for damn sure

OpenGL2533d ago

IGN's writing staff is pretty terrible.

Anyway, I'd assume The Last of Us will release first as Naughty Dog has a great track record with development cycles this generation.

evolution542532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

I'm going to go ahead and say Last of Us by Naughty Dog. While its true that The Last Guardian was announced a year or so ago (maybe more, I'm not exactly sure when), we haven't seen anything of that game since then. I usually visit N4G a good couple of times a day and I hardly see anything that mentions Last Guardian.

Naughty Dog on the other hand is well, Naughty Dog. They have already proven themselves this generation as being one of the top developers for the PS3. Therefore, I'm placing my bets on them.

Ninjamonkey822532d ago

IGN @ sh*t stirring i see.