Mass Effect 3 rated 15 by BBFC. Contains 82 minutes of cut-scenes

"The British Board of Film Classification have today rated BioWare’s Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect 3 will release with no edits and has been issued a “15″ rating due to it’s strong language and infrequent strong violence."

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NukaCola2478d ago

82 minutes of cutscenes? I don't know how long the other 2 were, but that seems really short on video. Hell even Uncharted 2 had about 95minutes of cutscenes and ingame footage alone. I figured you'd get tons. Mass usually has a ton of short cutscenes throughout the game

PhantomTommy2478d ago

There were very few cutscenes in the first two, most of the story came from the speech sections.

Grip2478d ago

u really have not played a single WRPG game.. R U???

zeal0us2478d ago

Guess either more action or time that would of been use for longer cut-scenes or more cut-scenes was put towards multiplayer. Oh well

Chnswdchldrn2478d ago

or maybe lazy ass devs cuttin corners

iamgoatman2478d ago

Or maybe that Mass Effect never had that many cut-scenes to begin with? Like PhantomTommy said above, ME has always relied more on it's speech options to drive the story instead of some scripted movies.

Bundi2478d ago

More gameplay than cutscenes, always a good thing.

PhantomTommy2478d ago

Can't believe you got disagrees, so people would rather put their controller down than to be told the story in an organic way like in Half-Life or Bioshock....

MasterCornholio2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

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PhantomTommy2478d ago


C'mon man is that really necessary? :D

aPerson2478d ago


Go argue someplace else. That has nothing to do with this discussion

MasterCornholio2478d ago

More Kinky sex scenes? I do hope so.


pr0digyZA2478d ago

Brings up another point and that is does that time include alternative choices.

BABY-JEDI2478d ago

That's what I was thinking. 82 minutes of kinky alien sex scenes does seem a bit too long LoL
: P

Kran2478d ago

The thing is too, a lot of those cutscenes are the same with minor changes (depending on how your story goes)

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