Geek Revolt: Uncharted Golden Abyss Review

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

Sony Bend enjoys a challenge; they were tasked with making a portable version of one of the most critically acclaimed series in recent memory. If that wasn’t hard enough–Uncharted Golden Abyss is the PS Vita’s flagship title, so they also have to showcase the newly released handheld’s features. Most studios would...

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NukaCola2479d ago

Didn't read like a 9/10 game. There was 90% gripes on this. I can't see how it's poor pacing to add touch features. They aren't gimmick, they are a way of adding a change to the flow of how your use the game. Of course it's not action through and through. I really didn't hear much about exploring or story in this article. Not saying this is a bad review, but it didn't feel like this game was played and reviewed, but more like demoed over the shoulder for about 10 minutes.

DeeZee2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Ha, fair enough. I played the entire game, but I never go in-depth about a games story. There's a few surprises, but I didn't want to ruin them since it's not coming out in the states for another two months.

And it's Uncharted, so the exploring isn't really exploring. Sure, you can stray off the path and find some treasure, but it's nothing major. It's very linear, and most of the environments are jungles/ruins/inside run down buildings.

And believe me, all the charcoal rubbings feel like a gimmick. But there is a cool section where you have to put the Vita's back camera up against a light to read a hidden message on a piece of paper, and one section were you control another character (shooting) while Drake rafts down a river.

Also with my reviews I like people to read between the lines. It's Uncharted's formula, so I figured I wouldn't go into a ton of depth about why the game is great, if you've played Uncharted than you know what to expect (and basically everyone reading the review has played Uncharted).

Most of my reviews seem negative, it's just my style. I praise and criticize at the same time (it's tough love). I said I liked the plot, but it could have been better. The graphics are great, but they could have been better, etc.

DaThreats2479d ago

Its more interactive. You just like to be more lazy and just use buttons.

aPerson2479d ago

"It's Uncharted's formula, so I figured I wouldn't go into a ton of depth about why the game is great"

You should have, firstly because that's the point of a review, and also because Golden Abyss is the first Uncharted game to be made by a different developer. If you're going to give it a high score, don't fill the review up with mostly negative points. People want to know why it's a good game.

ElDorado2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Why are you all responding like that? Keep the reviews coming and it's all opinion (subjective). You could be nicer when you give tips people.

Bundi2479d ago

Kinect adds voice control to dashboard: No thanx, I'll stick to buttons, they are easier and quicker.
Uncharted adds touch features: Oh me gosh!! Anyone who doesn't like this is just lazy!! This is soo0o interactive! Yay!

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Knushwood Butt2478d ago

I have the game.

Presumably this reviewer just wants constant funfights for the entire game, like that wouldn't get boring and tedious??

Some truth though: I just got past a bit where you need to do 6 'rubbings' in succession. It takes quite a while and is a bit pointless really. They should have trimmed that particular section down.

MetalX2478d ago

The last time i did six rubbings in succession, i couldnt walk for a week.

DeeZee2478d ago

Yeah, that's what I'm getting at. I don't want all gunfights (I like the climbing, and other parts), but sometimes they really push all the touch controls in your face, that's all. It gets better towards the middle though.

badz1492478d ago

and personally I like it A LOT!

the rubbings are there as a hidden treasures where unlike the 'usual' treasures in Uncharted that spark so you can find them, these are the hidden ones where you really have to look for them without any spark at all indicating that it's there! most of the time, they are not necessary for you to finish the story but if you do find them, the game will keep sinking you deep into various back stories of what lay in front of your journey, which for me is a really nice touch for the game and it adds more variety to the gameplay as well!

as a completist (or simply put, a trophy whore), I'm playing the game again to find them all! I spent more than 20 hours on my 1st playthrough and I still missed a lot of them treasures and mysteries!

I'm not writing a full-fledged review for the game but personally I'll give it a 10/10 just because it's AWESOME and don't forget that it's a launch game! by far the best launch game for any system EVER!

Knushwood Butt2478d ago

@ MetalX

In that case, you'd like the name of the trophy for finding all the rubbings: it's called, 'Rub one out'!!!

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