Jiggling Cleavage and Portions of Buttocks. Soul Calibur V rated by ESRB

"The ESRB has rated Namco-Bandai fighter Soul Calibur V.

The full rating summary actually makes for something of an interesting read and details the game’s inclusion of “jiggling cleavage” and “portions” of “buttocks”. The rating also explains how breast size can be augmented in the game’s character creation mode."

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JellyJelly2569d ago

Waiter! May I order another portion of your finest buttocks, please.

Convas2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

Give me what he's having, and while you're at it, I'll have another serving jiggling cleavage as well Waiter.

kornbeaner2568d ago

Waiter! There's a boob in my water..........can I have another in my soup. :)

Hyperbomb692568d ago

I thought Soul Calibur 5 was gonna give the whole giant breasts gimmick a backseat ride... guess not. If thats the case this game is gonna suck too.

VsAssassin2568d ago

Nah, I think you are referring to Dead or Alive 5, and about time too. I'm a man and I think misrepresenting women in video games should cease once and for all. At least Tekken has realistic breast sizes.

Hyperbomb692568d ago

I dont get whats with the disagrees -_-

The soul series was great, but soul calibur 4 focused more on graphics and titty gimmicks rather than gameplay which I think made the game suffer... at least to most fighting gamers or hardcore Soul Calibur fans....

Also Dead or Alive is all about the boob physics so I would expect it from them...

Baka-akaB2568d ago

Because it did give it a rest . Most of the offenders like ivy got a redesign and smaller chest .

The rest is all about people giving the size they want in creator mode

Redempteur2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

i'm just happy they made the game faster and got rid of the critical finishes ( useless feature )..

takohma2568d ago

@Hyperbomb69 what does breast size have to do with the fighting mechanics in game play? The basic mechanics with SC4 have been the same since Sc1. With only the change of breaking the armor to perform a finishing move. I think 2 was the best only because Taki, Ivy and Maxi had the best move set for me. In SC4 I spent almost as much time fighting online as I did editing characters outfits.

rattletop2568d ago

i lol'd. nice description ESRB

KonaBro2568d ago

portions of buttocks. :D

rizzo-rizzo2568d ago

google "zippygamer boobs calibur" .. and check out poor sophitia.

you do realise they're taking advantage of mens weakness to compensate for their lack of integrity to make an adequate game.

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