Big in Japan - Best Games of 2011 (GameZone)

GameZone's Richard Eisenbeis looks back at 2011 and counts down his favorite games that are in Japan only, at least so far.

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Matrix2k2532d ago

tales of xillia, an over looked game is one of the best games globally in 2011

Redempteur2532d ago

Xillia is a fun game indeed that tried a lot of new thing but isn't without flaws.

i enjoyed it a great deal and it certainly deserve praise

Matrix2k2532d ago

valkyria 3, last story were brilliant choices

although I disagree with him in the sense that all battle systems should be like it. Theres room for diversity

LoaMcLoa2532d ago

The Last Story and Rhythm Heaven Wii is two of my favorite games of 2011! Great list