RPG Gems: The World Ends With You

GamingUnion: "The World Ends With You is an excellent example of Square Enix trying something new and different. Set in Tokyo's Shibuya district, you join protagonist Neku as he's forced to play a mysterious game, with the penalty for failure being erasure. The story that follows takes place over a period of three weeks, in which Neku and his newfound partners must learn to trust each other or die."

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mephman2482d ago

One of the DS' most underrated title.

fozzness2482d ago

omgosh completely agreed. The music is so fantastic from that game <3

Hardedge2482d ago

Perhaps I'll pick this up. Never really cared for it when it first came out.

Venox20082482d ago

really great rpg and very addictive