Postal III Review (Gamespy)

It's frankly incredible to think that Running with Scissors made fans wait eight years for this. Is the trademark Postal "humor" still there? Postal Dude's frequent remarks about hoping to "kill women and minorities first" say hello. But a lack of freedom, unforgivable glitchiness, and generally terrible design make this a hard sell even for fans of the series.

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Kakihara2479d ago

Least shocking score ever?

FinaLXiii2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

The game is suposed to be bad in nature that´s why we love Postal games in the first place because its a dirty mess that only some hardcore gamers will get their hands on.

Postal games were always bad but alot of fun to mess around in ways that other games dont allow.

come_at_me_bro2479d ago

Note the date everyone: January 3rd. Earliest GOTY confirmation ever?

Crazay2479d ago

When did they think it was a good idea to make the 3rd game to begin with?

I shudder to think that Postal 2 sold enough copies to warrant not only a shit movie by a shit director but a 3rd kick at the can.

Psychotica2478d ago

Was going to get it since I liked the first one. But when I found out there was no free roam I lost all interest. Supposedly there is going to be a patch to allow free roam, I will wait and see..

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