Games should be fun for everyone: In response to the ‘Gay Drake’ backlash

Games are not inclusive.

Games pander to a very specific demographic: 18+ heterosexual males. This is not debatable. The landscape may be changing, but for the most part triple AAA mainstream games are engineered to speak to a particular group of people.

At the same time, games primarily function as escapism. They’re meant to be–as much as I dislike this being the case–fun. Most people do not play games to face the complications or problems of real life. You pick up a controller to feel empowered, to be the hero, to save the world. Wanting games to fulfill that type of power fantasy, to be wish fulfillment, to allow us to escape is understandable. Personally I’d like games to be more than that, but at a baseline level, we can all probably agree that they should be, if nothing else, at least fun.

Here’s the problem. Games are not always fun for everyone."

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theonlylolking2533d ago

"But could Drake be gay? Yes, he most certainly could, and having high profile characters like him be queer would help in creating an environment where games can be fun for everyone."

Drake cannot be gay. He is probably the most straight video game character ever. Ok, maybe stretching it a bit.

Jobesy2533d ago

"He is probably the most straight video game character ever."

That would be Duke Nukem hands down. But no, Drake isn't gay.

lastdual2533d ago

Ho boy, has Gearbox got a surprise for you!

I have secret information (from some guy at GameStop) that a gay Duke Nukem who is politically correct and negotiates nonviolent peace treaties with hostile alien races is on the way!

Tired2533d ago

I've known plenty of guys far more manly than Drake that are gay.

Likewise I know some pretty camp guys who are 100% str8.

I'm 32 I've slept with more women than I have men, but I'm gay and people are usually surprised to find out.

This whole argument is deeply flawed.

He could well be gay, despite his past. He could equally not be...does it really matter?

TheoreticalParticle2533d ago

But Duke facilitates homosexual relationships between his girlfriends. So he's straight and pro-gay at the same time!

MsclMexican2533d ago

Im totally confused by this whole "backlash"

I mean really?

Being Homosexual is not wrong, and you should be ashamed if you are homophobic.

But the character of Drake is not gay..... and Im confused how all this nonsence began

rabidpancakeburglar2533d ago

I don't think there has actually been anyone saying that it's a problem, not on here anyway. I remember when the article was on N4G and everyone was saying what you were saying, that he is not gay, and some were saying that he is one of the straightest characters in video games. What there was though was a bunch of people saying that they couldn't believe everyone on here was such a homophobe, which was sorta confusing considering the comments.

MsclMexican2533d ago

Also... there is nothing wrong with a gay protagonist...

(Spoilers) The reason I say Drake is not gay is because he already married Elena, and had sex with Chloe.... twice.

But according to the writers, Drake could be gay. They have no proof... but they are using the boondocks philosophy

"Even if you have no evidence, there is no evidence stating that the evidence is not there"

Like I said a gay protagonist is nothing wrong, but through this story, Nathan Drake is not gay.

And people who say they would not have bough Uncharted if Drake was gay....

you people are f**king sick

ABizzel12533d ago

This has really become a hot topic. Personally it wouldn't bother me either way if Drake was gay or not. IMO it doesn't make sense to just up and turn Drake gay at this point, bi-sexual is possible, but as the article says it should have been an idea developed from the start.

I think Joel from "The Last of Us" would be a much better character to experiment with. He has the potential to a much deeper character than Drake due to the setting he's in, and how it's a narrative driven game. Joel seems like a perfect fit over Drake, because at the end of the day you're playing as a man trying to survive which is something everyone can relate to (surviving in life, not the zombie apocalypse). Joel's situation would take a "gay character" and shed the label and turn him into a "man".

That being said I guess it really matters where you grow up at if you're accepting of homosexuality. Growing up in California I guess makes you more accepting of a lot of things.

iamtehpwn2533d ago

Talk about taking it the wrong way. We're not being prejudice against gays, but taking his character and them making gay would be a very big change. For example--I'm black. But I don't think Nathan Drake should be black in Uncharted 4. Obviously, its not his character.

LiL T2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Making Drake gay would be like asking one of us to be white (brown here) or a better example would be to ask a gay person to be straight.

EDIT @below... It shouldn't matter but apparently people like to take things to far. If the game was made arround a gay character thats fine but when this happens do straight people get to say "hey I dont like this game, im not gay, chane your character to a straight one".

fluffydelusions2533d ago

Does it matter if someone is gay or not? Does it in anyway affect how you live? Just sayin...

Christopher2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

I think people are talking about how the change would be perceived/told in game and how that would be a jarring change in the character.

If Drake suddenly starts a relationship with another male character as opposed to how we've seen him in the past with women, it would be a major departure. It would change who Drake is on a big level and it would also be unnecessary.

Now, if a gay character was introduced into Uncharted, that wouldn't be a problem. But, don't change who Drake is. If being gay was so important to who Drake is, then it would have been in the first game.

MWH2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

it depends; will it matter to you if for whatever reason that makes you bend over or lean forward, someone, a friend maybe will be recording the moment in his mind for his leisure time(s) later? hey, it could be a family friend like your father with all due respect who knows.. tough thought isn't it?

as long as you're safe then who cares, this is the internet, one can write whatever it takes for popularity and agree-points yeah?

but if it happened to someone dear, then the story is different, you're faced with a difficult situation, but sadly, most accepts it, some to avoid being called "the shameful homophobic" by the likes of the guy up above.

think about it and measure it on the social and community level, not just yourself.

ThichQuangDuck2533d ago

Would it truly matter if any gaming character would secretly homosexual, no. Would it change anything other than their own sexual preference. I am not personally homosexual, but do not plan to get married until they can to. Anyone who believes they are above another group of people is ignorant. Homophobia is the spread of ignorance.

stevenhiggster2533d ago

"But could Drake be gay? Yes, he most certainly could, and having high profile characters like him be queer would help in creating an environment where games can be fun for everyone."

So what is being said here? That gay people can't find games fun unless there is a gay protagonist?
I have absolutely no issue with any game's main character being gay but I don't think there should be any issue made out of it either, why do we consider them all straight?
How do you know that Soap Mctavish isn't gay? It isn't stated at any point that he is hetero?

Why do some gay people like to make an issue out of their sexuality? You don't see hetero people going on about a need for more straight hairdressers! (Sorry straight hairdresser guys, massive stereo type there.)

Basically why do we need to know the sexuality of our protagonist? If you want to believe that Gordon Freeman is gay, go ahead! No one has ever said he is straight! Yeah sure there is chemistry between him and Alyx, but he might just be her gbff.

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DEADEND2533d ago

I wouldn't mind playing as a character who is gay as long as the game is fun and the story is awesome.

Pacman3212533d ago

I found some of the comments here on N4G about homosexuality by some members really disturbing, and this is coming from a straight guy.

GraveLord2533d ago

If Drake was gay I wouldn't have bought Uncharted.(no offense)

Valenka2533d ago

It's people like you whom are responsible for society being in such a rut.

cpayne932533d ago

Not neccessarily. If he just isn't interested in playing as a gay character, then fine, nothing wrong with that. If he isn't attacking gays then he's doing nothing wrong.

That comment doesn't give any evidence to him being a bigot. If the character drake had a "gayer" personality, I might not want the game either. Depends of course.

I know we're most likely going to have an argument in this section, but I hope not.

Valenka2533d ago

That's just being stereotypical.

RememberThe3572533d ago

I gotta agree with cpayne93, I'd stand up against bigots and racists any time of day and any day of the week, but that doesn't mean I want to play as a character thats gay. I respect anyone's right to be who they were born to be, but that doesn't mean I want to go on a fantastical fictional adventure as them.

bredstick652533d ago

Wait... ..Society's rut is caused by straight people not wanting to play an immersive game with a homosexual as the main character? That's it? Somebody call Naughty Dog we need Drake to save the world again...

Chloe your not going to like this.

Ser2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Why is that? I wouldn't buy anymore Uncharted titles if I knew Drake were gay. Am I so evil because I simply do not want to play as a gay character in a video game?

I don't like playing as space marines on steroids, I don't like playing as over-emotional heroes / heroines, I don't like playing as Italian plumbers, I don't like playing as a flamboyant hero / heroine, I don't like playing as a a character I feel no emotion for, and I don't / wouldn't like playing as a gay character. (Male or female for that matter.)

It's just personal preference. And there is NOTHING wrong with that at all. It's people that have a problem with free will that are the problem. All I'm doing is exercising my free will by not wanting to play as a gay video game character.

JBaby3432533d ago

It's funny that the same people who want and expect people to accept their personal choices and preferences can't accept others' personal choices and preferences.

Ser2533d ago


Someone isn't paying attention to what I'm saying.

I couldn't care less if a person is gay. Do whatever tickles your pickle.

It doesn't mean I'm homophobic just because I don't want to play a game as a gay character. All it means is that I don't want to play a game as a gay character. Just like I don't want to play a game as a beefy space marine.

It's just personal choice, deal with it.

Valenka2533d ago

"I wouldn't buy Uncharted because I don't want to play as a homosexual." Prejudice much? I don't give a fig what your "preferences" are. That is blunt and utterly prejudiced.

JBaby3432533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

@ drak: Someone isn't paying attention to what I'M saying. Gay people want people to accept their choices and preferences but they don't accept when someone has their own preference and view on things.

We are saying the same thing. It's just personal choice. YOU deal with it.

@ Valenka: Check comments 4.3-4.3.4 Hope that helps clear it up for you.

Ser2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )


You and I are most certainly not saying the same thing. Pay attention.

Homosexuals WANT Drake to be gay. They want to force their sexuality onto an already perceived as straight character.

I'm not FORCING anyone to accept my views on not wanting to play a gay video game character.

That's not personal choice, that's forcing your opinion. Learn the difference. Your logic is flawed.

JBaby3432526d ago

@drak: It's exactly the same. They want us to accept their decision and thus force it on heterosexuals who would rather not be bombarded and will not accept our choice not to have it.

Thus what I said. They expect us to accommodate them but they won't accommodate our choices and respect us in that right.

What are you going on about?

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dark-hollow2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

The thing is that people always thinks about gays stereotypes when they are talking about gay people.

A gay drake doesnt necessarily means wearing pink t-shirt and tight jeans and talking with a high tone like there is a needle up his a$$!!

fluffydelusions2533d ago

The disagrees logical comments such as yours get on this site somewhat scare me.

specialguest2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Imagine if Drake had a romantic affair with male characters instead of Chloe and Elena. That isn't going to fly with me. The gameplay may be exactly the same, but the fantasy/escapism is gone.

I'm not going to bash a game for having a gay main character, but don't bash me for MY PREFERENCE to not want to play it.

JBaby3432533d ago

Exactly. Apparently you are a hateful, evil person if you don't want to engage in that sort of fantasy world in your free time. Forgive me for not finding that sort of thing appealing but I don't.

BabyTownFrolics2533d ago

dont hide your dreams about you sully and drake in a steamy oily threesome

specialguest2533d ago

huh?... w-what?!? Huh? How did...WHO TOLD YOU!

LOL! you busted me.

smashcrashbash2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

That is the arrogance of people. Because I don't accept homosexuality means that I am a bigot or a homophobe. I don't think it should be encouraged or advertisd like some sort of feature in a game.Like the way Fable advertise same sex marriage like some sort of shiny new feature to attract customers. If I believe homosexuality is wrong and have the right to distance my self from it if I want to. People believe that because society accepts homosexuality that automatically makes it right. But society accepts many wrong, damaging things without thinking of morality or concequences.

Now don't get me wrong, people have the right to do whatever they want but don't add stuff like this to mainsteam media to damage society more. If I practiced bigamy for instance, I am sure people be against having a character that is a bigamist. IIf people suddenly decided it was okay to marry 13 year old girls again for example would that make it right or morally acceptable?

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