GTA 5 + Motionscan = too realistic?

If GTA V uses Motionscan technology, will the game presentation be too realistic in regards to the potential levels of violence?

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RaidensRising2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

My one and only comment, thanks to the ghosts. Regardless of the violence or who is playing GTA V, with motionscanTM it would be brilliant for the target audience.

Solid_Snake372479d ago

People who cant distinguish whats real or whats a game shouldn't be playing games anyway, they should be taking their medications instead...

JhawkFootball062479d ago

Really though, what % of the population can't distinguish that? Why should we have to suffer

ThichQuangDuck2479d ago

Motionscan technology merely means they look more realistic. Overall which better conveys the story and makes them more human. Getting closer and closer to eliminating the gap, because gamers do not just want flashier graphics they want less pixelated feel and more realism to help tell a story. Imagining GTA san andreas with this technology alone makes me excited, so I am excited to see what they can do. Parents must watch what their kids play, having worked at a game store in which many 7-10 year olds came in for Saints Row 3 and Modern Warfare 3 I can say at the end of the day it comes down to advertising.

ATi_Elite2479d ago


I've seen more realistic violence just looking out my front window!

Rockstar has there work cut out for them. lol

just_looken2479d ago

lol so fn true gta games are becoming real life with today's world to a point.

ATi_Elite2478d ago

So in GTAV will the Hookers allow us to perform anal?

it may increase a Hookers chances of not getting ran over as i will be too busy with wet naps and hand sanitizer!! lol

flyinrhyno2478d ago

you made my night/morning the hand sanitizer would have to wait till after i ran that bitch over 6 times

AlienLion2478d ago

Well, games from the 90's used full motion video in games where you could shoot things in the face so what's the problem here?

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Gearshead752479d ago

I agree with RaidensRising....too bad parents don't watch what their kids (or care for that matter) and what they play. These aren't the vidoegames of yesterday where it was Donkey Kong, Pacman, and Mario. Developers try to immerse their audience as much as possible.

I say bring it on!! The more realistic the better.

M4I0N32479d ago

The author seems uninformed, he mentions:

"GTA IV allowed for the first time to grab hookers from the side walks, take them somewhere quiet, engage in sexual activity, followed by the choice of murdering them to get back the money spent, or just for the hell of it."

Firstly, everyone but this author knows that this was already possible in gta 3.

"If Rockstar San Diego really do go to town with the production values and make NPCs play a more active role in the gameplay instead of simply using them to populate the city..."

Secondly, Rockstar North are making this game and Rockstar San Diego are only responsible for the Midnight Club titles and the Red Dead series and they have never worked on a Grand Theft Auto game.

So this pretty much confirms that the author hasnt played any grand theft autos before the 4th.

Although his points on GTA5 with motion scan may appear too realistic, however I see the GTA series prosper from this. At this moment in time, It doesnt seem that Rockstar North is utilising this tech so this article is pretty much pointless.

PsycheMax2479d ago

Totally agree.
Mis-information. Uninformed so-called journalists writing some useless, meaningless articles.

morganfell2479d ago

"The author seems uninformed..."

It is after all msxbox-world.

In several recent remarks I have echoed the sentiments of Psychemax. N4G, with their more loose policies as regards what constitutes journalism, have unwittingly assisted in the proliferation of all things idiotic.

I cannot recall the last time msxbox-world published an article that possessed a modicum of research and common sense. In that department they are little different from a host of articles that find their way here to this site, elusive in their ability to manifest themselves unchecked by higher brain functions or simple good taste.

Drekken2479d ago

Remember all of the backlash HHG used to get... I think needs the same treatment. I think they are pathetic.

Gearshead752479d ago

Haha...personal attacks on the internet are AWESOME!!! Back it up...first I heard of this as well as many other gamers I'm sure. Most don't have time to troll all over the place on the web.

PsycheMax2479d ago

Sorry, Gearshead, where's the personal attack?

This so-called article is meaningless, not trustable, useless and NOT-INFORMED.

Solid_Snake372479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )


Mods should ban msxbox-world, but i guess they are too busy trolling themselves...

I am probably going to get flagged as trolling, but mods, dont take it as an insult. Think of it as a constructive criticism. I like N4G just as you like it.

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cpayne932479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Isn't this the site that had that article about how xbox won over ps3 last year, even though the author couldn't give reasons why. And also, there was an article about how you should get the xbox version of bf3 over both the ps3 and pc versions, listling several bullcrap reasons like psn never working and gaming pcs costing several thousands of dollars.

Or was that another xbox site? I know that there are two that I see a lot, and I'm pretty sure they are both garbage.

ShadesMoolah2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Well ss potted and thanks for pointing that out. I played gta 3 so long ago now and reviewed the double pack on xbox which is posted on the site back in 2003. Having played so many games the mind does get foggy. However you have every right to call me out over the wrong developer. Thanks for taking the time to respond. That goes for all of you, including the haters. I will say, if you dont like the site, simply ignore the stories. Payne. Weve never posted such stories, must be another site.

cpayne932479d ago

You're right. It was planet xbox. Similar name, I always get them mixed up.

Sorry about that. I also apologize if your site isn't actually garbage, like I said, it's hard for me to remember which is which. ;)

PsycheMax2479d ago

The point of your whole article may be or may be not a nice one, I'm not arguing about this.
What I totally dislike is your way to "do" Journalism. You think you can write anything you think, without doing a little research.
I COULD understand the "hookers" defaiance, if only you have made a little, one sec google research for the dev name.

The things you are talking about are, for someone, interesting. I'm really interested in reading accurate Game Journalism, so I totally HATE when I read some garbage like this article.

Sorry for the bad language and the bad english.

Unlimax2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

AMAZING ! "cover my eyes"

Matrix2k2479d ago

Usually, I am very harsh on realistic graphics because I get enough realism in real life, why would I want to play a game like that?


In the case of GTA, youve backed yourself into a corner where you kinda of have to 1 up yourself with each game. So it has to be somehow better than IV and la noire.

So in this case, your damned if you do, damned if you dont

PhantomT14122479d ago

There are realistic games because these games propose the experience of a different life in this world that you might not want to live IRL (due to your conviction or the risks involved) but you are still interested in (eg. being a gangster or a soldier). These kinds of game need to have a world that behaves in a realistic way in order to offer a credible and cohesive experience.

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