Games to Begin the New Year

The first Tuesday of 2012 has arrived, and so the new gaming season is on. It looks to be a great year, with titles from Mass Effect 3 to Grand Theft Auto V and so much in between. But, it’s best to take one step at a time. Below are four of the hottest releases for January, and each are great ways to kick off the gaming year.

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puffkix2483d ago

Neverdead looks really interesting but I don't think I have very much faith that it will be a good game.

DonaldBeck2483d ago

going to wait until this is 15 bucks or less (silent hill collection) and i still have to get the metal gear collection.

SolidGear32483d ago

MGS Collection, Rage and Uncharted were the only big games for me this Fall.

DarkBlood2483d ago

getting silent hill hd collection and FF 13-2 day one for my ps3 on that list and i will get soul calibur 5 later on a month that doesnt really have a must have game