Max Payne 3: time’s running out to snag the special edition

OPM - That special edition Max Payne 3 with all the free stuff is a limited offer you know. You’ve only got until Jan 15th to pre-order it ahead of the game’s March release date (here’s where you can pick one up). It’s got loads in it too.

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MrWiggle2532d ago

Trying to decide what platform to get it for...I know it really "dosen't matter" when you have both consoles but when you look at the situation with Skyrim between the PS3 version and the 360s it really makes you more aware of how to get the best possible experience from a certain's really a matter of which. I might go for the PS3 so far since I got Max Payne on there first when it came to consoles.

With the multiplayer pack DLC...does that mean this game is going to have "load outs"....<sigh>